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DOJ Information Sharing Segment Architecture and NIEM 2.0 Update Presentation to the Data Architecture Subcommittee July 12, 2007 Kshemendra Paul Chief.

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1 DOJ Information Sharing Segment Architecture and NIEM 2.0 Update Presentation to the Data Architecture Subcommittee July 12, 2007 Kshemendra Paul Chief Architect U.S. Department of Justice (202) 616-9676

2 2 Agenda NIEM update DOJ Information Sharing Segment Architecture Whats new in NIEM 2.0? NIEM Tools

3 3 Federated Domain Architecture

4 4 Business Driven Information Exchanges

5 5 NIEM 2.0 Release Status RC1 was released on June 4th, 2007 RC2 was released July 3, 2007 Tools are in Beta now –See me if you want to be a Beta Tester NIEM 2.0 will go Production on July 30th, 2007

6 6 Why NIEM Now? 1. NIEM Is Tested, Ready, and in Production. 2. Documentation and Tools Are Available. 3. Training and Technical Assistance Are Available. 4. NIEM Governance is in Place and Working 5. Future Grants Will Mandate NIEM Conformance. 6. DOJ & DHS Internal Use NIEM Mandates 6. Reference IEPDs Are Being Developed. 7. NIEM Is a Key Means for Intergovernmental Information Sharing. 8. For Many, There is no Better Solution Available for Use Today.

7 7 Next Steps for Using NIEM Choose to make NIEM the basis for information exchanges Adopt a service oriented architecture for your information systems Arrange for training for your developers Identify key exchanges with other organizations & jurisdictions Use NIEM tools to develop exchange documentation Design and implement the exchanges using web services

8 8 Tools and Support Services Training and Technical Assistance – NIEM website – Training materials – Help desk and knowledge base – National and regional training Tools – Subset & IEPD generator – Browse the model – IEPD Clearinghouse – Migration – More under development Documentation – Introduction to NIEM – Concept of Operations – User Guide – Naming and Design Rules Standards – NEIM 2.0 – Documentation specs All available through

9 9 Sign up for NIEM News

10 10 NIEM Helpdesk www.IT.OJP.Gov

11 11 NIEM IEPD Clearinghouse www.IT.OJP.Gov

12 12 NIEM and Enterprise Architecture

13 13 NIEM (CTISS) Mission Focus Areas NCTC, TSC, & IC DODDHS (I&A, CBP, ICE, Immigration, …) DOJState & Local Law Enforcement & Public Safety Other Participants... Fusion Center Interoperability – SAR, Watch List, Alerts & Notifications XXXXXX Law Enforcement Information Sharing XXXXXX People Screening XXXXXX Cargo Screening XXXXXX Disaster Management XXXXXX Infrastructure Protection XXXXXX War Fighter Info Sharing XX Other Mission Areas... XXXXXX Color Coding Indicates Focus Areas for NIEM (CTISS)

14 14 DOJ Segment Architectures

15 15 As-Is DOJ Information Sharing Segment Architecture (ISSA) Rooted in DOJ Mission Assimilating Input / Guidance from DOJ Partners / Oversight –OMB / GAO / DOJ OIG –PM-ISE –DHS OCIO & OCIO –Legal, Security, Privacy –Global (NIEM & JRA), CJIS APB Covers the entire architectural stack –Stronger in Business & Data, weaker in Performance & Technology Descriptive & Informative –Meaningful both internally and externally

16 16 To-Be DOJ ISSA Focus on Specific Business Scenarios Complete (Make Prescriptive) Information Sharing Architecture –Develop an exchange inventory (As Is and To Be) –Expand on policies and strategies Internal (i.e., LEISP and OneDOJ) External (i.e., National Information Sharing Strategy) Add Details on Reconciliation of External Guidance Develop Information Sharing Strategies for each Mission Segment –Leverage NIEM based federated query & link analysis for LE info sharing –Use NIEM as the model for defining exchange data elements –Develop reusable data elements and exchanges (IEPDs)

17 17 Target Information Sharing Scenario Categories 1.CTISS/Fusion Center Interoperability (e.g. FBI FIG and JTTF) –Types of exchanges: Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs), Watch List, alerts and warnings –Supporting functions: Validating/processing SARs, link analysis, search 2.Law Enforcement Information Sharing Across LSTF Partners and Internally –OneDOJ/LEISP – R-DEx, N-DEx –CJIS/NLETS – NCIC, NICS, IAFIS/NGI, State CJIS –Cross-Federal LE Information Sharing –LE Wireless Access / SBU Mobility 3.Process Automation around the Justice Lifecycle –Identify Lead > Investigate Person/Organization > Arrest or Referral > Prosecute > Disposition/Fine, Incarceration > Release, Parole 4.Tactical Situation Assessment and Response 5.Intel information analysis and sharing with Federal and LST agencies

18 18 Dispatch (CAD) System Suspicious Activity 911/PSAP Observer Private Industry Law Enforcement Dispatch Law Enforcement Dispatch Dispatched LE Record Mgt System (RMS) Intel System Fusion Center Systems Local Law Enforcement Local Law Enforcement Investigation or Intelligence Law Enforcement Investigation or Intelligence Local Fusion Center* Local Fusion Center* State Designated Fusion Center The Local Fusion Center may refer to local intel analytical centers, UASIs, state regional fusion centers, etc.. Information Sharing Environment (ISE) Other State Fusion Centers Information Exchange Key SAR IEPD Existing Exchange Future SAR IEPDs ?? JTTF / FIG Baseline SAR Business Scenario

19 19 ISSA Perspectives As-IsTo-Be Scenario Enterprise Performance Business Data Service Technology Performance Business Data Service Technology Performance Business Data Service Technology Performance Business Technology Data Service Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Individual Scenario As-Is Views Feed Enterprise As-Is View Cross-Cutting Enterprise View Target Capabilities Target Requirements Implementation Guidance and Recommendations ISSA Reference Model ISSA Reference Architecture ISSA Service Patterns NIEM Services NIEM IEPDs

20 20 ISSA Enterprise View Growth Enterprise- View Growth Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3 Scenario 4 …

21 21 ISSA Framework

22 22 Information Sharing Governance Cross-Government (PM-ISE) Department of JusticeExtended Justice (Global, SLT) Legal/Policy Information Sharing Council (ISC) Counter Terrorism Information Sharing Standards (CTISS) Working Group (WG) Federal Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council – Architecture and Infrastructure Committee (AIC) Policy Coordinating Committee (PCC) IC Architecture Management Board (AMB) Information Sharing Environment Enterprise Architecture Framework (ISE EAF) WG Privacy and Civil Liberties Board Justice Intelligence Coordinating Council (JICC) Law Enforcement Information Sharing Program Coordinating Committee (LEISPCC) Justice Management Division Office of General Council (JMD OGC) DOJ Office of Chief Privacy Officer DOJ Certification and Authorization Global Advisory Committee (GAC) Business/Data CTISS WG National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) AIC Data Architecture Committee IC Data Management Council (DMC) NIEM Department Architecture Review Board (DARB) DEA Data Quality Team (DQT) and Data Steering Committee (DSC) NIEM Global XML Standards Task Force (XSTF) Services/Technology Global Infrastructure Standards WG (GISWG) and Justice Reference Architecture (JRA) Department of National Intelligence (DNI) Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) AIC Services Committee ISE EAF WG DARB GISWGs JRA

23 23 NIEM 2.0 Changes

24 24 NIEM 2.0 Changes Re-modeled many components: Date, Time, Measure, & others. Standard definition formats for (type, abstract, role, etc.) and many revised Core definitions. Added new key word, usage description, and example fields for component discovery; and populated many. Reviewed Core components for conformance with draft NDR 1.1 (re ISO Std 11179 naming/definitions). Several namespace adjustments (e.g., justice, geo, others). Differentiated Identifiers (IDs) from IdentificationTypes. Added new URI representation term and URIType. Integrated the Global JXDM 3.1beta. Integrated ~30 resolved NBAC/NTAC NCCT issues. Inserted ANSI-NIST Biometrics into new namespace. Reintegrated domains to new Core. Corrections to specializations and augmentations. Many new code lists and updates to existing lists. Integrated 26 FBI NDEx issues. Fixed many technical concerns expressed by DNI. For more information on NIEM 2.0 updates, please reference the NIEM June 8 th newsletter at:

25 25 NIEM Tools

26 26 IEPD Development Lifecycle

27 27 Tool Support for IEPD Development Lifecycle

28 28 Information Exchange Modeling Tool

29 29 Schema Subset Generation Tool

30 30 Component Mapping Tool

31 31 IEPD Tool

32 32 Migration Tool

33 33 Tool Migration Roadmap Develop a federated repository –Web-based interactive user interface to support search/discovery of NIEM –Federation with DOD Metadata Registry and DISR Further updates to migration tools –Support backwards compatibility of future releases of NIEM Implementation support tools Model management tools

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