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Customer ServiceMaking it Personal Lets work together to cut it out………….. Speaker Name & Title Supporting “Leading the Way”

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1 Customer ServiceMaking it Personal Lets work together to cut it out………….. Speaker Name & Title Supporting “Leading the Way”

2 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Agenda The aims of “lets cut it out” Key messages Leadership style What is harassment What is bullying What is not harassment or bullying Increasing performance without harassment Witnessing harassment or bullying Benefits Help and support Summary

3 Making it PersonalCustomer Service The aims of “Let's Cut it Out” To create an environment where people respect each other Zero tolerance for bullying behaviour A place where people are not intimidated and can give of their best Tools to identify and reward good behaviour Tools to tackle poor behaviour and a vocabulary to describe it Organisational permission to deal with bullying behaviour

4 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Let’s Cut it Out – Key Messages Bullying is not an acceptable behaviour in BT Bullying is not good for business BT is serious about tackling bullies Victims of bullying will be supported by BT People who persist with bullying behaviour will be subject to disciplinary action and may be dismissed It is okay to challenge a bully

5 Making it PersonalCustomer Service “Leading the Way” Leadership Style supports Lets Cut it Out Objective: Engender excellent operational leadership at all levels within CS with a clear focus on nurturing talent and embracing a motivational, supportive work environment How? As part of your management team, we will build a team of leaders who are not afraid to use their judgement and are accountable for their actions

6 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Harassment is: Conduct and behaviour which the receiver perceives to be: offensive, hostile, unwanted, unreasonable, unacceptable by normal standards of business behaviour and causes disadvantage to the receiver

7 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Bullying is: Persistently negative malicious attacks on personal or professional performance, which are typically unpredictable, often unfair and irrational An abuse of power or position that can cause such anxiety that people gradually lose all belief in themselves, suffering physical ill health and mental distress as a direct result In addition, bullying may not be an act which is one to one but may take of the form of “mobbing” i.e. when a group of people “gang-up” to make an individual feel excluded

8 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Harassment and Bullying are not….. A manager who addresses genuine performance issues in line with BT policy and who respectfully focuses on improving performance or behaviour through the appraisal process Using the disciplinary procedures appropriately and fairly to address poor performance and conduct issues Assertiveness Delegating work fairly Leading by motivating employees to achieve their goals

9 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Raising Contribution – increasing performance without harassment Leading Excellent Teams –Enabling coaches and management capabilities Making It Personal – Your Dashboard –Evidence based tool supporting coaching and improvement –Basket of measures Honest and Effective Conversations –Training for frank but dialogues. Improving Performance through coaching and dialogue is not Harassment – But the style of delivery really matters.

10 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Witnessing Harassment and Bullying Speak to the person to whom the behaviour was directed (this is best done in private) Remember that all people in BT have a right to a working environment where every individual can contribute their skills and talents without fear or anxiety regardless of their status within the company You may wish to speak to the person causing offence about their behaviour. Be aware that this person may not realise the impact their behaviour is having on other individuals. Do not gang up on the individual You must describe the behaviour you find inappropriate clearly and briefly Don't bring in other people's experience. Other people need to make their own point. Keep to your perception of the experience If you are clear about the next steps you are going to take, state them but otherwise withdraw, having made your point

11 Making it PersonalCustomer Service “Litmus Test” Would you say or do this in front of: –A partner, children or parents? –Would you say or do this in front of a colleague? –Would you like to see your behaviour reported in an article in a local or national newspaper? Would you like a member of your family to be on the receiving end of the same behaviour you had subjected someone else to? Does it need to be said or done at all?

12 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Benefits of Zero Tolerance Increased motivation and job satisfaction Improved Morale Improved attendance rates and decreased turnover Increased operational effectiveness A better place to work for our people A better experience for our customers Protection of BT brand

13 Making it PersonalCustomer Service How we can make this work Communications –talking as a team to help each other find solutions and resolve issues together Union Support –asking our local representative to attend team meetings to discuss situations and agree solutions Transparency –being prepared to have open and honest conversations to help us better understand the outcome Accountability –impact of decisions made need to be considered carefully – EVERYONE this is not just about managers

14 Making it PersonalCustomer Service Harassment and Bullying Support and Help Website available at and the toolkit at Contacts for Help and Advice Your Manager, if appropriate Your local HR Business Partner Equal Opportunities: Tel: 0800 731 4747 Employee Assistant Programme: Tel: 0800 9176767 Occupational Health Service: Tel: 0800 800992 Your Union - CWU or Connect

15 Making it PersonalCustomer Service In summary……… CS has a Zero tolerance to Bully and Harassment. It is against our Programme of “Leading the Way” Robust Performance assessment and coaching does not equate to Bullying and Harassment Leadership style is everything Involve our Union colleagues and others as there is Help and Support in a variety of forms Eradicating bullying and harassment is the responsibility of EVERYONE

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