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WWPD: What Would Pacino Do? Teaching and Learning for the Generations.

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1 WWPD: What Would Pacino Do? Teaching and Learning for the Generations

2 Lets consider... Things fall apart; The centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.... The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. The Second Coming W.B. Yeats 42% of students are under 22...10% increase from 10 years ago

3 Outcomes: Describe some of the generational characteristics we encounter in classes Examine what impact these characteristics have on our teaching Outline some specific strategies

4 Consider who is in your classroom WW II Generation (age 60+) Baby Boomers (age 40-60) Gen-Xers (age 23- 40) ME (Millennial generationage 3-22)

5 The Greatest Generation Revere military or political heroes React to wars and the advent of technology Compelled by messages:stay in line and sacrifice Respond to leaders who must be directive and unambiguous

6 The Boomers... Revere change makers: JFK, RFK, MLK, Rosa Parks, John Lennon React to events such as the moon landing and Woodstock to three assassinations Compelled by the messages: Lets come together and Change the world Respond to leaders who are people to people or a friendly equal

7 Gen Xers.... Revere: basically no one, since you can trust no one (post- Watergate generation) React to the Challenger disaster; technology has become commonplace. Compelled by messages: Its not my problem and survive (may explain the popularity of the elimination shows from Survivor to American Idol !) Respond to leaders who must prove themselves on a daily basis and who must be extremely flexible. X-Files....

8 The ME generation.... Revere cult of personality iconsMichael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Kerri Strugg, Mia Hamm, Davey Havok React to seemingly random acts of violence from the Oklahoma bombings to Columbine; technology is expected and necessary Compelled by the messageWired 24/7 Respond to leaders who are motivational or inspirational

9 Consider the implications for faculty: Tell me what to do and I will do it. The Greatest Generation Lets get together on this issue. Boomers Ill get to it when I can and I really want online! Gen-Xers Here I am, now, entertain and enthrall me. ME Generation Students expectations for their teachers!

10 Lets think about strategies Adapt to JIT expectations Attend to lecture pacing Adjust metaphors/allusions Anticipate challenges to credibility

11 And... Exploit technology Engage students in different settings Explain concepts in different ways Expect more changes with the coming generation Clemson University Faculty, 1958

12 And a little more... Include visual/tactile along with text Insist on critical reflection/opportunity for debrief and decrease memory and drill exercises Incorporate informational literacy as core skill

13 And still more... Offer alternative measures of learning opportunities for using technology interactive/group exercises yourself as an example of a continuous learner The Johari Window

14 And a little more... Understand the changes in todays students Urge excellence in students performance Uncoverwhen possiblestudents blind areas about their learning

15 Discussion.... X-ers ME generation Whats Next?

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