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The Birth of a Power Struggle

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1 The Birth of a Power Struggle
The Roman Catholic Church Popes, Bishops and Clergy The “State” Rise of European “Empires”

2 Foundation of Church Power

3 Feudalism: Land Equals Power!

4 Influence of the Church on Medieval Europe
Clergy on the Manor Sole Unifying Source in Europe Promise of an After life (salvation) Canon Law Threat of Excommunication Interdict

5 Rise of the Emperors Charlemagne- France Otto I- Germany
771 C.E C.E. 936 C.E C.E.

6 Charlemagne His Grandfather (Charles Martel) stops the spread of Islam into Europe at the Battle of Tours 732 C.E. His Father Pepin “the Short” fought on behalf the Church Charlemagne= Charles “The Great” Crowned “Roman Emperor by Pope Leo III- Helped spread Christianity

7 Lay Investitures A ceremony in which Kings and nobles appointed church officials 1075 C.E. Pope Gregory VII banned lay investitures Power Struggle Emerging

8 Showdown at Canossa (1077 C.E.)
The State The Church German Emperor (Henry IV) demands Pope Gregory VII step down as Pope Henry travels to Canossa to beg forgiveness Concordat of Worms: the Church alone can appoint bishops but an emperor could veto an appointment Pope Gregory VII excommunicates Henry IV

9 Who would you side with? If you were a lord? If you were a knight?
If you were clergy? If you were a serf (vassal)?

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