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The Rise of Feudalism in Europe during the Middle Ages

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1 The Rise of Feudalism in Europe during the Middle Ages

2 The Middle Ages or Medieval Period
( 500 CE CE.) Rise of New Kingdoms/States that are not united New Kingdoms are unable to protect themselves from Barbarian Invasions, causing a need for localized Protection Barbarian Invasions cause the Fall of the Western Roman Empire The Rise of Feudalism in Europe

3 Feudal Europe Power Pyramid

4 Key words Essential to Feudalism
Feudalism- (Fyoo-duh-lih-zuhm) A system of PROTECTION in the Middle Ages. Vassal- An agreement between lords & knights that stated that they would protect the land. Knights were called their lords “vassals”.

5 Popes Leader of Church Popes were seen as representatives of God on Earth.

6 Kings Leader of Kingdoms/ States
All lords/nobles and knights swore an oath of loyalty to the king to protect the land.

7 Nobles/Lords Swore loyalty to the king and were given land called “fiefs” to protect

8 Knights Armored warriors that protected the land.
They often received “fiefs” for their service.

9 Peasants Worked on the lords land

10 Protection from who? The Vikings invaded from Scandinavia- They were quick and savage. They attacked Ireland, England and France. They looted and captured people to sell into slavery. Most Europeans lived in terror of them The Magyars from Asia The Muslims (from South)

11 Vikings, Muslims and Magyars Invasion Map

12 Charlemagne Charlemagne was first crowned the king of the Franks
Later, in 800 CE he was crowned by the POPE Leo III as the king of the Holy Roman Empire. This enraged the Eastern Byzantines because their ruler was not selected The Church and Charlemagne depended on each other. The Pope needed the support of his army to protect the church, Charlemagne gained support from his people because he was viewed as having “god on his side”


14 Charlemagne Continued
Through wars of conquest he united European tribes into one single empire. He showed them that they have similar values like Christianity, allowing them to see themselves as Europeans not as tribe members.

15 By Rafael: the Coronation of Charlegmagne

16 William The Conqueror He defeated the English king at the Battle of Hastings To reward the knights that helped him win the battle, he gave them land….Hence, the beginning of the feudal system in England

17 William The Conquerer

18 Battle of Hastings

19 The Pope and King: A Power Struggle
Since the large majority of the people of Feudal Europe were Christian the Pope had tremendous power over every body. They thought they should select Bishops. Kings believed they should have the power to select the bishops.

20 Pope Gregory VII vs. King Henry IV
In 1073 King Henry IV selected a bishop Pope Gregory VII did not like. The Pope excommunicated (cast him out of the church) Henry IV. Remember :Christians believe that if you die while excommunicated you will not go to heaven. Desperate, the king apologized and asked for forgiveness. In fact, the king stood barefoot in the snow for three days before the Pope would even talk to him.

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