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Nuclear physics and facilities in China

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1 Nuclear physics and facilities in China
Weiping Liu CIAE, China institute of atomic energy IUPAP WG9 symposium, TRIUMF, Vancouver July 2, 2010 只有20分钟,最多25张片子!

2 Facilities in China (Not complete)
Nuclear physics CSR Lanzhou HI-13/BRIF Beijing Particle physics BEPCII Beijing More can be heard from Prof. Zhan’s talk Application SSRF Shanghai, BEPCII Beijing, and USTC Heifei, synchrotron radiation facilities CARR and CSNS, neutron facilities

3 Scope of study Nuclear physics with stable nuclei
SHE Reaction and structure Nuclear physics with unstable nuclei Reaction Structure Nuclear astrophysics Funded by MOST, 973 NSFC CAS, MOE, CAEA, and other funds Societies and meetings NN2009, held in Beijing in August 16-21, 2009 China nuclear physics society Experimental IMP, CSR, HI physics CIAE, HI-13, BRIF, low E NP Other: IHEP, SINAP, PKU, USTC and others Theoretical All institutes above PKU, THU, plus other universities

4 Two major facilities in nuclear physics
Beijing BRIF, BRIF II , Low E HI, RIB, 2013 Lanzhou, CSR Med E HI, RIB, 2008

5 Research activities Physics Detector Reaction and others
around coulomb in Beijing, few tens MeV A at Lanzhou and RIKEN SIAP: Lanzhou exp, for total cross section 23Al, 27P and 17F, Riken exp, 23Al; 2p emission in Lanzhou for CIAE reaction 17F+12C at CNS and near barrier and fusion, in CIAE PKU: 17Ne, 16C Lanzhou, 6He and 8He in RIKEN, transfer and breakup CSR mass measurement in Lanzhou Decay, and the PKU for beta-n, 21N In-beam gamma exp, CIAE, Lanzhou, Jilin, TU, PKU, stale nuclei Nuclear astrophysics, indirect and direct and decay, in CIAE, Lanzhou, TRIUMF and CNS Super heavy elements: mainly performed in Lanzhou 1st Observation of antimatter hyper-nucleus: RHIC STAR-SIAP Many theoretical activities Detector Good collaboration in gamma array: Beijing-Lanzhou Charged particle array, Lanzhou, CIAE and PKU PKU for beta-n decay Neutron detection wall, Lanzhou and PKU Gas fill separator for SHE in Lanzhou

6 Recent research highlights
26Mg+243Am266Bh+3n E=9.03±0.08 MeV T1/2=0.66s

7 Detector developments

8 CSR in Lanzhou

9 Introduction to HIRFL HIRFL: Heavy Ion Research Facilities in Lanzhou
CSRm CSRe SFC SSC ECR: keV SFC:  10 AMeV (H.I.), 17~35 MeV (p) SSC:  100 AMeV (H.I.),  110 MeV (p) CSRm:  1000 AMeV (H.I.),  2.8 GeV (p) RIBLL1: tens AMeV (RIBs) RIBLL2: hundreds AMeV (RIBs & HCI) RIBLL2 RIBLL1 ECR Stable Beams Radioactive Beams

10 History of CSR 1993 Original idea 1996 Proposal 1998 Approved
Construction Commissioning Operation & Experiments

11 BRIF in Beijing

12 BRIF (Beijing rare ion beam facility)
100 MeV 200 mA compact proton cyclotron 20000 mass resolution ISOL, 2 MeV/q super-conducting LINAC Already funded, but requiring additional supplement Brief idea in 1990, supported in 2004 Available in Cyclotron ISOL Tandem SCL

13 RIB intensity expected

14 Project Milestone Original idea in 1990 Evaluation in 1997
Project approved in 2003 Feasibility plan approved ($27 M) in 2004 First budget ($20 M) come to CIAE in 2005 Renewed feasibility plan finished in 2006 Revised feasibility plan submitted in 2008 Revised feasibility plan got permission in Aug ($52 M) Project design report approved in July 2010 Deliver to user in 2013

15 BRIF status in 2010 Cyclotron: magnet rough finished, with detailed fabrication finished ISOL: design finished, target-source area in progress SC linac: design finished, all the fabrication in progress Civil engineering will start by the end of the year

16 Engineering layout

17 3D internal structure of proton cyclotron

18 Magnet design and fabrication

19 CARR and CSNS

20 CARR get its first criticality in May 13!
CARR: China Advanced Research Reactor CARR get its first criticality in May 13! 可喜的是,我国投巨资建立了CARR研究堆, 其主要技术指标和性能已达到国际先进水平。 CARR 计划于今年6月装料,9月临界。 目前,已经通过各项安全检查,正在等待发放安全许可。 power MW  flux n/(cm2·s) ILL 57 1.2  1014 CARR 60 8  l014 FRM-II 20

21 Residual stress diffractometer
Neutron physics: Neutron scattering Residual stress diffractometer cooperated with Switzerland

22 CSNS in Guangdong

23 Fragmentation of fission product can result highly n-rich ion beam!
Conceptual of CARIF 91Kr 132Sn China Advanced Rare Ion-beam Facility I. Tanihata, NIM B266(2008)4067 132Sn, 91Kr, 142Xe 132Sn, 91Kr, 142Xe 130Cd, 78Ni, 138Sn nth ISOL 同位素 分离器 FRS 次级 束流线 LINAC 直线 加速器 Halo r process Magic CARR 反应堆 108-9pps 107-8pps 8x1014cm2s-1 102-3pps 300 keV 150 MeV/A 50 MeV/A 132Sn, 91Kr, 142Xe SHE Reaction Structure 10 MeV/A Stable beam N/Z 238U, 48Ca , 136Xe, Fission beam T1/2 N/Z 132Sn, s, 91Kr , s, 142Xe, s, Fragmentation of fission product can result highly n-rich ion beam!

24 Summary Nuclear physics in China developed rapidly, driving by CSR, BRIF, CARR, and future facilities and research projects CSR, BRIF and new project will open up exciting research opportunities in nuclear physics We would like to collaborate with foreign colleagues, especially for the active research and recruiting of user groups after the facility commission

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