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1 IUPAP-WG.9 Symposium at TRIUMF on N.P. Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan in CAS I.Introduction II.Plan of Big Scientific Facilities 1.Heavy Ion Advanced.

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1 1 IUPAP-WG.9 Symposium at TRIUMF on N.P. Nuclear Physics Long Range Plan in CAS I.Introduction II.Plan of Big Scientific Facilities 1.Heavy Ion Advanced Research Facility 2.Chinese Deep Underground S&E Lab. 3.Chinese Experimental ADS Wenlong Zhan July 2, 2010

2 BBS D. of Mechanics, Astronomy and space Science D. of Chem and Multidisciplinary. D. of Large-scientific Facilities & Nuclear Phys. D. of Comprehensive Planning Mathematics Condensed Matter Physics Optical Physics Atomic and Molecular Physics Theoretical Physics …… Inorganic Chemistry Analytical Chemistry Organic Chemistry Physical Chemistry Polymer Chemistry …… High Energy Physics Nuclear Physics Plasma Physics Synchrotron Radiation and FEL Nuclear Technology …… Mechanics Space Astronomy Astronomical Techniques …… Divisions of BBS in CAS D. of Mathematics, and Physics I.Introduction

3 Beijing Shanghai Lanzhou Hefei 5 National Science & Tech. Research Centers Guangdong

4 ECR + Cyclotrons + CSR (2007) Ions: proton Pb, U Energy: KeV Few GeV/u Nuclear, Atomic physics and Apply Ex.: HIRFL (+ Cooling Storage Ring)

5 Two operation modes (<2.5GeV) Double-ring collision L 3 10 32 ~4 CESRc BEPCII/BESIII Acq. 10 8 ψ(2S), 2 10 8 J/ψ (2009) Synch. Light ~10 higher increased Beijing Electron Positron Collider II Beijing Synchrotron Radiation Facility

6 What (highlight) physics interested us What (highlight) physics interested us Light hadron spectroscopy Full spectra: normal & exotic hadrons QCD How quarks form a hadron ? non-pQCD Charm physics CKM matrix elements SM and beyond mixing and CPV SM and beyond Charmonium physics Spectroscopy and transition pQCD & non-pQCD New states above open charm thresholds exotic hadrons ? pQCD: puzzle a probe to non-pQCD or ? Tau physics and QCD Precision measurement of the tau mass and R value Search for rare and forbidden decays Precision test of SM and search for new physics hep-ex/0809.1869 IJMP A V24,No 1(2009) supp

7 BESIII detector BESIII detector Be beam pipe SC magnet, 1T Magnet yoke MDC, 120 m CsI(Tl) calorimeter, 2.5 %@1GeV TOF, 90ps RPC

8 8 Japan (1) Tokyo Univ. US (6) Univ. of Hawaii Univ. of Washington Carnegie Mellon Univ. Univ. of Minnesota Univ. of Rochester Univ. of Indiana EUROPE (8) Germany: Univ. of Bochum, Univ. of Giessen, GSI Russia: JINR, Dubna; BINP, Novosibirsk Italy: Univ. of Torino Frascati Lab Netherland KVI/Univ. of Groningen BESIII collaboration: new members China(26) IHEP, CCAST, Shandong Univ., Univ. of Sci. and Tech. of China Zhejiang Univ., Huangshan Coll. Huazhong Normal Univ., Wuhan Univ. Zhengzhou Univ., Henan Normal Univ. Peking Univ., Tsinghua Univ., Zhongshan Univ.,Nankai Univ. Shanxi Univ., Sichuan Univ Hunan Univ., Liaoning Univ. Nanjing Univ., Nanjing Normal Univ. Guangxi Normal Univ., Guangxi Univ. Hong Univ., Hong Kong Chinese Univ. Korea (1) Souel Nat. Univ. Pakistan (1) Univ. of Punjab ~ 300 collaborators

9 BEPCII/BESIII physics running July 18, 2008 first collision event Nov. 2008, 13M (2S) events Jan.-Mar., 2009 complete detector calibration, reconstruction, software tuning and physics preparation Mar.-Apr., 2009: 100M (2S) events May, 2009 45 pb -1 at 3.65 GeV June-July, 2009 200 M J/ events Aug.-Oct., 2009 summer maintanance Jan. 2010data taking 450 pb -1

10 M=1859 MeV/c 2 < 30 MeV/c 2 (90% CL) +3 +5 10 25 BESIII Confirmation of the BESII observation: pp threshold enhancement in J/ decays M pp -2m p (GeV) BESII M=1861.6 ± 0.8 MeV/c 2 < 8 MeV/c 2 (90% CL) arXiv:1001.5328 Chinese Phys. C 34 2010 421 BESIII M=1861 MeV/c 2 < 38 MeV/c 2 (90% CL) +6 +7 13 20

11 North America (14) BNL, Caltech, George Mason Univ., LBNL, Iowa state Univ. Illinois Inst. Tech., Princeton, RPI, UC-Berkeley, UCLA, Univ. of Houston, Univ. of Wisconsin, Virginia Tech., Univ. of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Asia (15) IHEP, Beijing Normal Univ., Chengdu Univ. of Sci. and Tech., CGNPG, CIAE, Dongguan Polytech. Univ., Nanjing Univ.,Nankai Univ., Shenzhen Univ., Tsinghua Univ., USTC, Zhongshan Univ., Hong Kong Univ. Chinese Hong Kong Univ., Taiwan Univ., Chiao Tung Univ., National United Univ. Europe (3) JINR, Dubna, Russia Kurchatov Institute, Russia Charles University, Czech Republic Daya Bay collaboration for neutrino 13 Measurement ~ 200 collaborators

12 Experiment Arrange Experiment Arrange Reduced system error by relative measurement between two near site Total Tunnels Length 3000m Event Rate ~1200/day Near ~350/day Far Background: B/S~0.4% Near B/S~0.2% Far Progress Construction>80% Detector ~ 70% LingAo Near Site 2 Det. Mod. 40t Target 500mto LingAo NPP Covered Rock: 112m Far Site: 4 Det. Mod. 80 t 1600m to LingAo NPP 1900m Daya Bay NPP Covered Rock 350m Daya Bay Near Site 2 Detector 40t Target 360mto LingAo NPP Covered Rock: 98m Tunnel Entrance 8% slope 0% slope Dig Entrance

13 Title of the presentation Layout: 100MeV Injector+ 3.5GeV Booster + 3.5GeV SR +7 Beam Line &1.44B CN Started from Dec. 2004, 1 st Light 2007, Finished 2009 Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility Ex.:

14 14 1.Heavy Ion Advanced Research Facility 2.Chinese Deep Underground S&E Lab. 3. Accelerator Driven sub-critical System II, Plan of Big Scientific Facilities

15 1, Heavy Ion Advanced Research Facility (Proposal) Schematic Diagram Main Performances ResearchP.1(2011~) HIARF i-LINAC i-LINAC 84 Kr 33~34+, 160 MeV/u, 20 p A 209 Bi 31+, 35 MeV/u, 10 p A ECS-45 (45 Tm): 84 Kr 36+, 4.7 GeV/u, 1 10 12 ppp 209 Bi 31+, 1.2 GeV/u, 1 10 11 ppp Application,(M aterial, Energy,Biology, RIB HED P.2(~2020) i-LINAC i-LINAC U 74~78+, 500 MeV/u, 10 p A e-LINAC: e-LINAC: e~1 GeV, 10 16 pps ES-34: ES-34: e~10 GeV, 10 15 eps ECS-400: ECS-400: Xe 28+ ~25 GeV/u, 10 12 ppp HED HIF E-Ion QCD… P.3(~2030) i-LINAC i-LINAC U 74~78+, 1 GeV/u, >14 p A SECS-100: SECS-100: U 35+ ~2.7 GeV/u, 10 12 ppp SECS-800: SECS-800: U 92+ ~90 GeV/u, 10 10 ppp RIBs, ~100 HED HIF QCD, beam Neutrino…

16 Heavy Ion Advanced Research Facility i-LINAC SC-RIBLL Cooler- Synchrotron ECS-45 Isochronisms' Mass Measurement Irradiation Setup HEP Setup 10s kJ Material Setup SC-ECR LIS Multi-Charge State Multi-Charge State Large Acceptance Large Acceptance High Pulse Power High Pulse Power High Accuracy High Accuracy 5 beam Line 6 Exp. Setups Multi- FuctionSetup RIB Exp. Setup

17 Main Performance of HIARF Designed Beam Intensity Setup i-LINAC 84 Kr 33~34+ 160 MeV/u 20 p A Bi 31+ 35 MeV/u 10 p A U-RIBLL RIBs~120 MeV/u 10 9 pps ECS-45 Kr 36+ 4.8 GeV/u 1.0 10 12 ppp Bi 31+ 1.2 GeV/u 1.0 10 11 ppp Comparing to HIRFL+CSR EnergyPrimary BeamIrradiation DoseRIBTime eff 5~8100 ~ 10001000~50000100 ~ 100000 ~2 SC-ECR/LIS, SC-LINAC, Stripping Inj., Beam Cooling High Intensity, Multi-Function Ring high accuracy in RIB mass measurement Multi-Ion Switch, Multi-High Charge State Splitting, Multidisciplinary Exp. Setup

18 2, Chinese Deep Underground S&E Lab. Main Goal of C-DUSEL Basic Physics Dark Matter, Neutrino, D- decay, Proton decay… Nucl. Astrophys.,… Gravity Wave… Geo-Science Biology Engineer Opportunity: Chinese Maxim Depth Tunnel (2500m) in operation of Jinping-II Hydro-Power Station Yalong River Jinping-II Hydro-PS

19 DUL Position 2, Chinese Deep Underground S&E Lab. A(5.5×5.7) B(6.0×6.25) #4 #3 #2 1 7 13 12.4 13 12.4 Depth 2525m North South

20 C-DUSEL: The Best Site in World ! Jinping Most depth of tunnel in the world Geo-Eng. Geo-Phys. Basic-Phys. Main Tunnel 2525m

21 ~2017 ADS Testing Setup Reactor ~4MW Accelerator 40MeV/ 10mA H+ Src SC Cavity RFQ ~2022 ADS Exp. Facility Reactor 80~100MW Acc. 600~800MeV/ 10mA ~2032 ADS Demo Facility Reactor ~1000MW Acc. ~1.5GeV/ 10mA 3, Roadmap of Chinese ADS

22 Chinese Experimental ADS Key Technique Accelerator & Reactor Coupling Capability of design & Fabrication for ADS Demo. Facility CE-ADS Project Beam Power (MW) K eff Reactor power (MW) Spectrum flux (n/cm 2 /s) TargetFuel CE-ADS ~6.0 (~0.6GeV/ 10mA) 0.95 ~ 0.98 80~100 fast ~10 15 Pb-Bi Window less U/MOX/ MA H+ SRC SC Cavity RFQ CE-ADS+C-DUSEL ??

23 Chinese ADS Accelerator Scheme 23 Acc. R&D Layout I Acc. R&D Layout II

24 Chinese Spallation Neutron Source (to be Starting in 2010) Energy 1.6 GeV Beam Power 100/500 kW Rate 25 Hz Flux 2.5×10 16 n/cm 2 s Probe for microscopic structure and dynamics Structural: Diffraction techniques Neutron Diffraction Dynamical: Spectroscopy techniques Neutron scattering

25 25 Thank You Thank You Cooperation are Welcome !

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