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P L A N N I N G S T R A T E G Y M O N I T O R I N G Mens Handball World Championship 2009 in Croatia 16 January – 01 February 2009 TV Media Evaluation.

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1 P L A N N I N G S T R A T E G Y M O N I T O R I N G Mens Handball World Championship 2009 in Croatia 16 January – 01 February 2009 TV Media Evaluation Management Report TV Media Evaluation from 14 Jan 2009 – 05 Feb 2009 An expertise by SPORT+MARKT AG Your contact persons: Stephan Schröder | Carsten Schröer | Torsten Lüttmann

2 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 2 Introduction Background information Structure and targets of investigation The International Handball Federation (IHF) commissioned SPORT+MARKT to conduct comprehensive TV Media Evaluation of the XXI Men's World Handball Championship 2009 in Croatia. The study comprised Media Monitoring (compilation of media and spectator interest in the sponsorship object), Tool Exposure Analysis (exposure time of sponsors advertising surfaces) as well as concluding evaluation. The main aim of analysis was to provide a detailed overview of the exposure of the World Championship on TV. Exposure Analysis enables compilation and evaluation of relevant advertising tools. For objective monetary evaluation the CPT (Cost per Thousand) is calculated based on a fixed sum of 1,-. Analysis period: 14.01.2009 – 05.02.2009 Pre-Tournament:14.01. – 15.01.09 Preliminary round:16.01. – 23.01.09 Main round/Presidents Cup: 24.01. – 28.01.09 Finals:29.01. – 01.02.09 Post-Tournament:02.02. – 05.02.09 Event period: 16.01.2009 – 01.02.2009 Country selection: Full analysis: Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and additional Eurosport + Eurosport 2, Al Jazeera Desk Research: Algeria, Argentina (incl. Tyc Sports), Australia, Brazil, Hungary, Korea, Norway, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Tunesia and additional Ten Sports, Universal Sports Channel Panel: Comprehensive TV media panel (see below)

3 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 3 Summary of results Presentation of results

4 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 4 Media Evaluation Summary of results Key results *Source: EURODATA TV, S+M estimations 128,78 54,95 2505:46:50 Broadcast Time [hh:mm:ss] Cumulated audience of the final* [in mill.] Top sponsors visibility of broadcast time [in %] Cumulated visibility of the four Top sponsors [hh:mm:ss] Cumulated audience* [in mill.] 1420:28:19 1.578,20 result criteria +10% +27% -11% Comparison to 2007 43.586,49 Cumulated event contacts* [in mill.] +21%

5 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 5 Media Monitoring Presentation of results

6 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 6 Media Monitoring Broadcast Time [hh:mm:ss] by country TOTAL: 1420hh:28ss:19mm Norway* Denmark Hungary* Poland Egypt Germany Croatia Russia* Spain France South Korea* Sweden Serbia Saudi Arabia* Algeria* *SPORT+MARKT Desk research Worldwide channels Al Jazeera Sport 1 / 2 / +3 / +4, Eurosport 2 and Deutsche Welle are not presented (Total: 204hh:51mm:53ss) Top 15

7 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 7 Media Monitoring Cumulated audience in mill.** by country TOTAL: 1,58 bill. *SPORT+MARKT Desk research **Source: EURODATA TV, SPORT+MARKT estimations Top 15 Worldwide channels Al Jazeera Sport 1 / 2 / +3 / +4, Eurosport 2 and Deutsche Welle are not presented (Total: 6,8 mill.) Germany Poland France Croatia Denmark Serbia Spain Sweden Egypt Norway* Hungary* Romania Russia South Korea* Slovenia*

8 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 8 *SPORT+MARKT Full Analysis **SPORT+MARKT Desk Research ***Source: EURODATA TV, SPORT+MARKT estimations CountryTournament stageMatchChannelDateTime Audience*** Market share [in mill.][in %] Croatia* FinalFrance – CroatiaRTL TelevizijaSun, 01.02.200917:231,9981,3 SemifinalCroatia - PolandRTL TelevizijaFri, 30.01.200920:211,7676,1 Main RoundCroatia - SlovakiaRTL TelevizijaSun, 25.01.200920:281,5864,3 Denmark* FinalFrance – CroatiaTV2 DenmarkSun, 01.02.200917:231,0951 Placement MatchPoland - DenmarkTV2 DenmarkSun, 25.01.200920:031,6955 SemifinalDenmark - FranceTV 2 DenmarkFri, 30.01.200917:211,5976 France* FinalFrance – Croatia France 2Sun, 01.02.200917:244,5124,4 Canal+ SportSun, 01.02.200917:081,16,1 SemifinalDenmark – FranceCanal+ FranceFri, 30.01.200917:190,886,7 Preliminary RoundFrance – RomaniaCanal+ SportSat, 17.01.200920:280,6n. a. Germany* FinalFrance-Croatia (2nd half)RTLSun, 01.02.200918:243,6914,67 Main RoundGermany – Denmark (2nd half)RTLTue, 27.01.200918:197,9732,77 Main RoundNorway – Germany (2nd half)RTLSun, 25.01.200918:187,8830,58 Hungary** FinalFrance – CroatiaSport1Sun, 01.02.200917:300,383 Main RoundHungary – FranceSport1Thu, 22.01.200919:000,56,1 Preliminary RoundHungary – AustraliaSport1Sat, 17.01.200918:300,456 Poland* FinalFrance – CroatiaTVP2Sun, 01.02.200917:234,0424,6 SemifinalCroatia – PolandTVP2Fri, 30.01.200920:056,9319,3 Placement MatchDenmark - PolandTVP2Sun, 01.02.200914:425,3736,3 Media Monitoring: Final plus two highest audiences By country

9 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 9 Media Monitoring Broadcast Time [hh:mm:ss] in comparison WC 2007 versus WC 2009 XX Men's World Handball Championship 2007 in Germany Croatia Denmark France Poland XXI Men's World Handball Championship 2009 in Croatia *Source: EURODATA TV, SPORT+MARKT estimations Key result: For the four semi finalist the broadcast time rises in comparison to 2007 approx. +30% Broadcast time for the four semi finalist 2009 in comparison to 2007

10 © SPORT+MARKT AG 2009 10 Key Facts Media Monitoring Over a three week period, the 2009 Mens Handball World Cup in Croatia received coverage of approximately 1,420 hours in the 25 markets investigated (90 different channels). These are the main results of the SPORT+MARKT media evaluation during the Mens Handball World Championship and it is a new record in comparison to the 2007 Championship in Germany (+27% broadcast time). The Handball World Championship 2009 was broadcast in almost 3,300 programmes and generated a cumulated audience of 1.58 bill. and enabled 43.59 bill. event contacts on TV. Round about 293 mill. persons (cumulated audience) watched live matches of the Handball World Championship 2009. In Norway, the highest broadcast levels were recorded with a total duration of over 180 hours. Denmark and Hungary followed with 138 and 133 hours to rank second and third. The high levels of exposure in these three markets are mainly a result of coverage of the Handball World Championship on several sports channels. Despite comparatively lower broadcast times (78hh:03mm:09ss; 7th place in the ranking), Germany recorded the highest cumulated audience, with 557.30 mill. viewers. This is due to the coverage the Handball World Championship receives in news broadcasts, which have a wide audience reach and regular reports. The ranking of sponsorship contacts was also topped by Germany with 11.68 bill., followed by Poland (9.69 bill.) and Croatia (6.38 bill.), that also generated high audience penetration levels. Coverage of the final match France vs. Croatia totalled 67hh:50mm:23ss with approx. 129 mill TV viewers all over the world. The main sponsors enjoyed a high profile during the matches. In statistical terms, a main sponsor was visible in approx. half of all TV footage. SPORT+MARKT: The main sponsors generated outstanding visibility levels. Thanks to the usage of the rotating board, even brands with longer names generated high visibility.

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