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Toward Standardization Object – Context – Content.

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1 Toward Standardization Object – Context – Content

2 ObjectObject ContextContext ContentContent PhilologyPhilology EpigraphyEpigraphy Where? When? How? Who? What? Why? … BibliographyBibliography CharactersCharacters GlyphsGlyphs LayoutLayout PicturesPictures

3 Manuel du Codage Wörterbuch Renewal? Multilingual Egyptian Thesaurus « Passport » Beinlich 1969 Hieroglyphs in ISO 10646 / Unicode Hieroglyphs in ISO 10646 / Unicode Endorsed LookUp GlyphKey Rosette Aaou TLA






9 Who is using it? Who could use it? Who may propose improvements? Who is legitimate to validate? Who and how to distribute? Collection Validation Distribution

10 Provenance: add recent discoveries and missing sites Current location: new museums + some misses add « on site » to enlarge the usage Support material: include photography, digital image, facsimile, painting, … Language/Writing: to refine (e.g. state of language) Translations: some languages are not consistent

11 existing Enrich existing Characteristics ( datation criteria, provenance names in ancient Egyptian and Greek ) New Characteristics: Color, Culture, Titles, Dimensions, … (using experience from GEM minimum requirement Passport) New languages: Arabic already started in GEM Bibliography? AEB/OEB as a standard?

12 Ownership : CULTNAT Executive : GEM website? Support: I&E Computer Group ? Contributors: Museums Excavators and Curators Researchers … and even amateurs Validation Team: multi-country professionnals

13 Phonetic values Is it part of the MdC or a user-interface issue? Sign list An endless debate … requiring an international and professional Committee Coding = sign + position … I hand-over to Christian !

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