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Program Update Karol Swartzlander ADRC Program Director California Health and Human Services Agency ADRC Advisory Committee Meeting.

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1 Program Update Karol Swartzlander ADRC Program Director California Health and Human Services Agency ADRC Advisory Committee Meeting April 9, 2013

2 Provide input on the formal ADRC designation standards and application process; As subject matter experts, review and provide input on ADRC grant products such as application materials, environmental scan reports, website, new options counseling modules, etc., and Serve as ambassadors to promote and increase the visibility of Californias ADRC effort and assist in keeping community partners informed about ADRC developments and expansion. ADRC Advisory Committee 2

3 Review Role of Advisory Committee and ADRC Vision Review Milestones 2011-2013 Review of current and forthcoming technical materials and tools California 2013 Focus Federal ADRC Efforts/Synergy Benefits of ADRC Designation Presentation Overview 3

4 Every community in California has a highly visible, reliable, universal access point that provides information to facilitate access to long-term supports and services. California ADRC Vision 4

5 ADRC Milestones 2011-2013 5 August 2011: Convened new ADRC advisory committee (jointly staffed by SILC and CHHS) January 2012: Finalized draft Strategic Plan for Statewide Implementation of ADRCs June 2012: Finalized draft CA ADRC Designation Criteria September 2012: Convened stakeholder input sessions on Designation Criteria in Los Angeles and Sacramento

6 September 2012: Awarded Administration for Community Living (ACL) Part B ADRC Grant (SILC) November 2012: Finalized ADRC Designation Criteria December 2012: Launched California ADRC Designation Application Process Added new Committee members representing areas of health care, veterans healthcare and end of life care (hospice) and traumatic brain injury ADRC Milestones 2011-2013 6

7 December 2012: Announced two new ADRC opportunities: (1) Funding to Support Development of a New ADRC Program in a Duals Demonstration County and (2) Expert Technical Assistance FOR ADRC Business Model/Plan Development January 25: Alameda County ADRC partnership selected to develop a new ADRC Program. Core Partners: Center for Independent Living, Inc., Community Resources for Independent Living and the Alameda County AAA ADRC Milestones 2011-2013 7

8 February 26: San Diego and Nevada ADRC partnerships selected to participate in the ADRC business model/plan development TA opportunity. March 19: Released the ADRC Partnership Planning Guide - a six month planning process local organizations can use to establish an ADRC and prepare for submission of the ADRC designation application ADRC Milestones 2011-2013 8

9 October 2011: Assembled Options Counseling workgroup December 2011: Released CA Draft Options Counseling Standards January –June 2012: pilot testing and evaluation of standards in various locations throughout the state September 2012: Secured NCE for Options Counseling grant June 2012: ACL released revised vision for Options Counseling and updated Draft Standards December 2012: Workgroup releases revised CA Draft OC Standards Options Counseling Milestones 9

10 CHHS ADRC Program Staff State ADRC Advisory Committee Technical Guidance and Materials State Infrastructure Supporting ADRC Expansion in California

11 ADRC Designation Criteria Options Counseling Standards CHHS ADRC Designation Application ADRC Implementation Guide: update in process ADRC Partnership Planning Guide Excel Service Cost Tool (April 2013) ADRC Business Plan Template (2013) ADRC Business Model (2013) Technical Guidance and Tools

12 Infrastructure to support VA Medical Center/ ADRC Collaboration and expansion of VD HCBS program Dissemination of Technical Tools: ADRC business model(s)/business plan template; service cost tool Formally designating ADRCs under new Designation Criteria Monitor and collaborate with national ADRC developments and state initiatives Plan for long-term sustainability of ADRC program ADRC Cost Savings Analysis Quality assurance and monitoring Options Counseling Training Program California Focus April~Sept. 2013 12

13 Revised training to include online content modules Eight (8) training opportunities in local communities Training priorities based on required grant deliverables Online Options Counselor technical assistance area and peer community for post-training support Content-Clusters: veterans, caregivers, youth, employment, decision-making and other areas Options Counseling 13

14 Administration for Community Living, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Veterans Health Administration 2012 Aging and Disability Resource Center Awards American Samoa Guam N. Mariana Islands Puerto Rico Virgin Islands DC HI MD DE NJ CT RI MA NH VT ME MT ID CO WY NV CA NM AZ MN KS TX IA IL WI TN IN OH MI AL MS AR LA GA WV PA OR UT SD ND MO OK NE NY SC NC KY FL VA AK WA Indicates States Awarded Part A (8) States & Territories Awarded Part B (36) Indicates States & Territories Not Eligible for Part B Funding Indicates States & Territories that Did Not Apply for Part B Funding

15 In collaboration with states, develop a National No Wrong Door Options Counseling Program for all populations and all payers which is person centered, financially sustainable and high quality that supports individuals to achieve their goals for community living. Federal AIM Statement 15

16 Activities to be completed by end of Year 1 Agreement with the State Medicaid Agency to utilize Medicaid funds for certain ADRC functions. Plan for implementing the states quality improvement process for its ADRC Options Counseling Program. Delivering evidence-based care transition program in at least one area of the state. Provider Agreement between a VA Medical Center and a ADRC Ensuring that all ADRC Options Counselor in the state are trained and certified Develop baseline data which captures key ADRC functions within a No Wrong Door system A description of the formal agreements that the ADRC Program has entered into with the entities within the state having lead responsibility for implementing the various ACA initiatives Activities to be completed by end of Year 2 A fully developed business model approved by ACL that documents the long-term sustainability of the states ADRC Options Counseling Program using Medicaid, VA, OAA, Medicare and other financing sources. Activities to be completed by end of Year 3 (Sept. 2015) Statewide coverage of a NWD ADRC system serving all LTSS populations and all LTSS payers All Options Counselors trained and certified which adhere to national Options Counseling Standards; and Statewide agreement and/or coverage for delivering Veterans services through ADRC and have identified the data elements and data sources that could be used to document program outcomes. Required Deliverables Part A 16

17 For Consumers streamlined access to LTSS information and services For Community Organizations Acknowledgements in state federal funding requests ADRC Coalition meetings/ peer learning opportunities Use of ADRC logo and name recognition that is used nationwide Local recognition of LTSS system expertise and leadership State website acknowledgements and links Indication of expertise that invites other funders, networks and purchasers of services 17 Benefits of ADRC Designation

18 18 Yes, We Can!

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