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Co-Presenters: Dr. Sharon Mullen, Principal Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Jale Ramsey, Education Support Services Coordinator Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation.

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1 Co-Presenters: Dr. Sharon Mullen, Principal Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center Jale Ramsey, Education Support Services Coordinator Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center

2 There is no issue more important to Virginians with Disabilities than having the right to work, earn a good wage and live in the community with other citizens

3 In recent months the Labor Department reported that the nations unemployment rate was at 9.3% but for people with disabilities the rate was 16.9%

4 Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center is continuously seeking strategies to give our clients an edge in todays competitive job market One strategy that we believe does this is giving our clients the opportunity to achieve at least the Bronze Level Career Readiness Certificate while they are at WWRC

5 How many are familiar with the following terms: WorkKeys? Career Readiness Certificate? Aztec Learning System?


7 WorkKeys is a job skills assessment system that helps employers select, hire, train, develop and retain a high- performance workforce

8 Job Profiling: Identifies the skills required for a job Assessment: Shows the current skill levels of students or job applicants Training: Helps individuals and employers correct skill gaps


10 More than 18,000 job titles, ranging from white-collar professional to blue-collar technical positions have been profiled by WorkKeys-authorized job profilers. Extensive research has been done on these jobs to identify the essential skills and skill levels for employee selection, hiring, and training. Assist employers in knowing and understanding the qualifications needed for the jobs they have available and matching applicant skills to those jobs. Assist employees in helping them to attain jobs that match their skills.



13 In order to determine if a career seeker possesses those profiled skills at the desired levels, a set of valid and reliable assessments were developed Assessments are 100% compliant with: Equal Employment Opportunities (EEO) Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) The assessments test workplace skills by using situations and scenarios that occur in the workplace Questions are less academic and more problem-solving situations that occur everyday in the workplace With the job profile in hand, the employer now knows what skills are needed for a certain position

14 The are several assessments in the WorkKeys Testing Program, but the ones we will be talking about today are: Career Readiness Certificate Assessments Reading for Information Locating Information Applied Math


16 The key to talent development KeyTrain Curriculum Career Ready 101 Aztec Learning System We are all after the same solution: Identify skills needed for the job, assess a career seekers skill level and provide the training needed to close any gaps

17 Employers – A complete solution for employee selection and development Career Seekers – The first step to prepare for education, training, or a career Educators – Helps to ensure that individuals are ready for work – and for life


19 To hire qualified workers To compare workers skill level with job requirements To reduce turnover rates To lower the cost of remedial training and lost efficiency To increase return on investment for training dollars To strengthen Americas overall workforce


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23 By verifying to employers that the career seeker has the basic job skills to fill that position even if they possess only a high school diploma or GED By verifying that the career seeker can handle tasks that are common and vital in todays workplaces such as finding information, reading instructions and directions, and working with figures


25 To identify and address any gaps that may exist between skills required in todays workplace and those exhibited by students To address the basics of reading, applied mathematics and locating information that are essential to living independently and securing employment


27 An assessment based credential that is: A component of Governor Warners (D) Education for a Lifetime Initiative Endorsed by Governors Kaine (D) and McDonnell (R) A national standard based upon 21 st Century Job Skills A portable credential that validates employment skills for employers Aligns with the Virginia Workforce Council Initiative

28 Virginia businesses now compete in a global marketplace To do this, they must hire the most capable and productive employees Businesses must be sure that their hiring criteria are valid instruments for assessing workplace skills Individuals who seek employment must effectively communicate to employers the skills they have to offer The CRC serves both the needs of the employer and career seekers


30 Bronze Level Silver Level Gold Level Platinum Level


32 WorkKeys provides good training programs such as KeyTrain, however, we were looking for a more flexible format to customize learning and assessment, based on the individual needs of our diverse population The Aztec Learning System proved to do just that for us

33 An educational software program designed to teach real life academic and workforce skills Interactive Age appropriate Pre-tests, provides remediation, and post-tests Keeps data on individual students for educational decision making. Addresses diverse learning styles and literacy levels

34 This product helps our students build the fundamental competencies for certification through WorkKeys Series Aligned to WorkKeys Assessments

35 WWRC has tested 516 students since September 25, 2008!! 436 WWRC students have earned a Career Readiness Certificate. 85% Pass Rate!

36 75% rehabilitation rate for WWRC students who have a Career Readiness certificate!!! 26


38 The CRC process is available to our students in the Life Skills Transitional Program (LSTP) and Vocational Training Services.

39 Each students achievement level is tested using the Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Students utilize the Aztec Learning System to pre-test, remediate, and post-test work force related academic skills. Students are selected to sit for the WorkKeys test based upon TABE results, results from the Aztec pre-test and post-tests, performance on paper and pencil WorkKeys test preparation, and CRC Lab Coordinators observation of student focus and ability to perform independently within specified time frames. WorkKeys test Further Remediation as needed Re-tested as needed Career Readiness Certification

40 WWRC has recently added additional resources to give our students additional preparation and confidence in taking WorkKeys tests (paper and pencil prep)


42 Are You Smarter Than … …a Jobseeker Who Has Not Earned a Career Readiness Certificate?


44 Workplace Skills: Reading for Inforation (Career Readiness Preparation). McGaw rHill Publishing Contemporary, Print.

45 Workplace Skills: Reading for Information (Career Readiness Preparation). McGraw Hill Contemporary, Print.

46 Workplace Skills Applied Mathematics (Career Readiness Preparation, correlated to Workplace Skills). McGraw Hill Contemporary, Print.







53 Workplace Skills: Reading for Information (Career Readiness Preparation). McGraw Hill Contemporary, Print.

54 Workplace Skills: Reading for Information (Career Readiness Preparation). McGraw Hill Publishing Contemporary, Print.

55 Workplace Skills: Locating Information. McGraw Hill Contemporary, Print.









64 Workplace Skills Applied Mathematics (Career Readiness Preparation, correlated to Workplace Skills). McGraw Hill Contemporary, Print.






70 Lessons Learned…

71 People who possess varying disabilities can be successful in earning a Career Readiness Certificate.

72 93%92%84% 77% 47% Pass rate for each disability category

73 Why are students with disabilities successful in earning a CRC?

74 Computer Based Testing Model - our students are of the technology generation – they are not as efficient with taking paper and pencil testing as they are with computer based testing. Most students attending/graduating from HS have SOL testing experience via computer. Efficient Test Preparation - the students test prep consists of Aztec Software for approximately six weeks, and then paper and pencil prep for the last 1-2 weeks. Instant Reporting - through using a computer based testing model we are able to access instant reports for our students and immediately begin remediation work based upon the scored report and the students immediate self evaluation on what things were most difficult for them.

75 Cannot accommodate reading the test aloud with the computer based model. But, can provide an extended time accommodation for testing with computer based testing. Although we primarily use computer based testing, we can and will use paper and pencil testing if needed to accommodate for individual student need. Read Aloud Accommodation may be helpful in math, but not in Reading for Information or Locating Information.

76 Test score improvement based upon data driven decision making!

77 Utilizing testing data from WorkKeys since 2009 and merging that data with TABE testing results, we now know that approximately 90% of the students who have successfully earned at least a Bronze Career Readiness Certificate had a 5 th grade level equivalency in Reading on the TABE test. Flesch Kincaid Reading Level analysis on the sample questions we examined in todays testing experience indicated that the testing question content was at a mid 6 th grade reading level. This is based upon questions taken from our Workplace Skills Career Readiness Preparation Resources, not analysis of WorkKeys testing questions.

78 Reading for Information –this is the test that our student demonstrated the most success with. (33 questions/55 minutes) Locating Information – we give this as the second test because it is the test our students experienced the least success with. (38 questions/55 minutes) Applied Math- we give this last because it appeared to be the 2 nd most difficult test for our students. (33 questions/55 minutes)

79 You can adjust your remediation and testing practices by the time you have available with your students. You might want to think about instructing for each content area, then follow up with testing in each content area. We are limited to 6-7 week test prep and testing time frame. So, we need to do preparation and testing on 3 content areas at a time to allow for re-testing while the student is at WWRC.



82 Sharon Mullen- WWRC Principal Jale Ramsey- Education Support Services Coordinator

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