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National Career Pathways Network Friday, October 14, 2011 Orlando World Center Marriott 9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

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1 National Career Pathways Network Friday, October 14, 2011 Orlando World Center Marriott 9:30 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

2 Dr. Richard Cerkovnik, Director Regional STEM Center Kathleen M. Beauman, Director Business Education Partnerships Anne Arundel Community College


4 During FY 2011, the college served 55,463 (unduplicated) credit and non-credit students 25,941 credit students 29,522 non-credit students Arnold Glen Burnie Town Center Arundel Mills

5 70.3% of high school graduates attending college in Maryland enroll at AACC

6 National Need for STEM Education

7 STEM-related industries have been identified by the National Science Foundation as producing almost 50 percent of U.S. economic growth during the last 50 years. While approximately five percent of the nations workforce is employed in a STEM field, there is growing concern about losing potential U.S. workers for these high quality careers. US Dept. of Labor, Employment & Training Administration, Jan. 15, 2008

8 The number of STEM positions in the U.S. is growing at five times the rate of other occupations, according to the Council on Competitiveness. But a much slower growth rate in the number of S&E degrees earned by U.S. citizens, combined with a rapid increase in retirements in these fields, puts the U.S. at a competitive risk. Remarks made by UC-Riverside Chancellor Cordova to the American Council on Education October 6, 2005

9 If I take the revenue in January and look again in December of that year, 90% of my December revenue comes from products which were not there in January. Craig Barrett, Chairman of Intel Corporation 2008

10 In 2004- China graduated 600,000 engineers India graduated 350,000 engineers U.S. graduated 70,000 engineers © 2006, CAGT (Col. Association of Gifted and Talented, Whitepaper) In 2015- China will graduate 980,000 engineers India will graduate 520,000 engineers U.S. will graduate 3 engineers (all named Bob) © 2007, Rich (Dont quote me on that)

11 Regional and Local Needs FT. Meade Alliance/BRAC Governors P-20 Task Force on STEM Education

12 Support from top leadership Create a structure that supports collaboration 12 Martha A. Smith, Ph.D., President of AACC

13 Leadership Strong STEM Departments Significant experience with business/industry Existing P-20 partnerships

14 Tech Prep program established in early 1990s Long-standing relationship with secondary school system and universities/colleges College and County School Leadership meet regularly Over 130 articulated academic program pathways in place

15 AACC commits to an increased effort Identified a local champion Worked to achieve a balance between leadership and service Established a STEM Learning Design Team Made recommendations on how to respond to STEM opportunities

16 Connecting the silos and removing barriers Defining STEM at AACC Increasing STEM awareness across the institution One-college concept provided outstanding framework Began developing an internal structure

17 STEM became part of the college budget request to the county council STEM Center office and instructional spaces designed and constructed Three-year action plan developed with specific, measurable goals including:

18 GOAL 1: GOAL 1: Increase the number of STEM students and graduates in the pipeline through enhanced K-12 and baccalaureate articulation agreements GOAL 2: GOAL 2: Increase the number of highly qualified secondary teachers in STEM GOAL 3: GOAL 3: Prepare all segments of the STEM workforce (future workers, new workers, current workers, transitional workers and entrepreneurial workers)

19 President Martha Smith established an initial STEM Center Advisory Board First meeting co-chaired by President Martha Smith and County Executive John Leopold Members included representatives from business, industry, government and education (P-20) Strategic expansion of the Advisory Board

20 AACPS commits to two STEM Magnet School AACC/AACPS collaboration Increased AACC outreach efforts promoting STEM pathways Instituted Project-based Learning activities AACC Transition Advisors


22 Increase financial and student support services for financially needy students by providing scholarships in eligible engineering programs targeting underrepresented groups in the STEM fields (women, African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans) Enhance student academic and support services for ESP Scholars Increase retention rates of Engineering students at AACC Increase employment and transfer rates of Engineering students at AACC

23 Maximum of $4,000 per year based on financial need Week long summer orientation Mentorship Access to Industry Professionals (Professional Talks, Workshops, Internship Opportunities, etc.) Student Success Workshops Professional Conference Funds (1 per year) Organized Group Study and Tutoring

24 ESP Student

25 AACC University Consortium established Created 2+2+2 pathways STEM focused pathways included: Cybersecurity Homeland Security Information Systems Management Teacher Education (undergraduate/graduate) Bachelors degree in Engineering started Fall 2010

26 Associate of Science in Engineering statewide workgroup convened Create a seamless transfer for Engineering

27 Bachelors DegreesAssociate Degrees

28 Bachelors Degrees

29 Teacher Education in STEM Associate of Arts in Teaching (A.A.T.) Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Created professional development opportunities Building internal capacity for opportunity recognition Security Clearances (Project SCOPE)Project SCOPE

30 Kids in College Existing program expanded STEM offerings Summer Bridge Programs STEM Center, Kids in College, AACPS developed offerings for 8 th, 9 th and 10 th grade STEM Magnet school students


32 Student-to-Industry Connection Content Delivery Platform Company Overview STEM Briefings Professional Development Internship/Job Offerings


34 Special Topic Presentations Student Organization/Class Presentations Mock Interview Sessions On-campus/Distance Recruiting Days On-site Job-Shadowing Facilities Tour Networking with Professionals (Speed-Networking with Companies) Etiquette Luncheon (Dining for Success)

35 ES MS HS 1 st 2yr 2 nd 2yr Post Baccalaureate Internships, Job Shadowing, Service Learning, etc… Scholarships Articulation Pathways Jumpstart Grants Graduate Programs & Workforce Industry and Community Partners Kids in College Peer Mentoring Dual Enrollment PLTW ASE Articulation Agreement FSU Articulation ASE Articulation Agreement FSU Articulation Gateway to Technology

36 For additional information: Dr. Richard Cerkovnik, Director Regional STEM Center Anne Arundel Community College (410) 777 2843 Kathleen M. Beauman, Director Business Education Partnerships Anne Arundel Community College (410) 777 2777

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