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Google and libraries: an uneasy relationship Stephen Abram SirsiDynix.

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1 Google and libraries: an uneasy relationship Stephen Abram SirsiDynix

2 Closing Plenary Session Puppy love versus reality: The illiteracy, innumeracy, phantom hit counts and citation counts of Google Scholar Peter Jacso University of Hawaii, Dept. of Information & Computer Sciences Opening Plenary Session Connecting collections with workflows Carol Goble University of Manchester, School of Computer Science

3 Quotes from Carol Goble UKSG 2006 Nice project but not so nice attitude I don't read journal articles I don't do libraries I send Ph D students to pick up materials from the library That's what Ph D students are for Google is the Gift of the Lord I don't use anything but Google I am proud of it & I rub it in at UKSG 2006 I am a heretic Jacso

4 Not so hidden messages and metalanguage We don't need no education We don't need no £$%& journals We don't need no £$%& libraries We don't need no £$%& librarians We don't need no nothing but Google Jacso

5 Google Scholar (GS) The Myth GS is the alpha and the omega of scholarly literature search GS personality cult GS is the smartest GS is my best friend GS for president GS for Page Six GS for TIME Magazine Person of the Year GS for citedness and impact factor Jacso

6 Good for the have-nots casual search undergrad students ego boosting (inflated counts + questionable sources) but not for real research Jacso

7 The Reality Secrecy about sources Secrecy about journals Secrecy about time span Secrecy about size Huge gaps in collections crawled from publishers archives Skeletal [citation] records Mixing fine champagne with cheap wine Inflated hit counts & citation counts Phantom citing items Jacso

8 Reality Check Check it for yourself Jacso


10 Innumeracy Basic Boolean Blunder

11 Illiteracy and/or innumeracy? Jacso

12 Illiteracy and or innumeracy Jacso

13 Who is cited & what is cited? Who is R. Card? Cited only 4 times in 6 years? STD article in Circulation Jacso

14 Oh, this is advertising circulation data And this is the journal name Jacso Oh, this is advertising circulation data

15 Jacso Too good to be true? 215 items per year?

16 Jacso Skimpy records … Why skimpy [citation] records instead of Serials archive records?

17 Jacso … direct you to BL Direct to pay for what is free

18 Jacso Much open access in Serials archive

19 Jacso in PDF and HTML formats

20 Jacso Check out my short picture-book for GS Innumeracy & GS Illiteracypicture-book

21 Jacso











32 Two scientists and GS Pauly, D and Stergiou, K.I. (2005) Equivalence of results from two citation analyses: Thomson ISIs Citation Index and Googles Scholar service Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 2005 p. 33 available at Jacso

33 Ethics in Science and Environmental Politics, 2005 p. 33 available at Jacso

34 Unscholarly citation illiteracy and innumeracy Dabbling in citation searching Running with citation counts reported by GS without checking & corroboration Grossly misunderstanding and underreporting WoS citation counts Blissful ignorance, dangerously dilettante conclusion Jacso

35 These citation counts in the authors spreadsheet are as equivalent as the Elvis imitators and the real Elvis Jacso

36 Bradfords article was cited nearly 200,000 times. The one of Lowrys about 300,000 times. The authors use a citation count for 1961-1982. They just dont get it.. Jacso

37 Fools gold and foolish ideas Jacso

38 Declan Butler, Natures senior reporter gets his cites… Jacso

39 … in more ways than one by Stevan Harnad, Canada Research Chair of Cognitive Science Jacso

40 An ignorant reporter reports the findings as gospel, and your library budget will likely to be cut to substitute WoS by GS.

41 Jacso Not so fast with that ax, interpreting citation data is a subtle stuff, indeed

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