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Dose Location Histogram (DLH)

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1 Dose Location Histogram (DLH)
DLH gives an idea about the location of cold / hot spots within a structure relative to its surface. Eg: 85cc of cold spots (Dose <= 70Gy) lie within 1.4 cm from the surface

2 Plan Robustness Analysis

3 Generating Consensus Contour
Graph of Agreement volume v/s Confidence level for the three methods: Apparent, kappa-corrected and STAPLE. User can interactively select the confidence level by dragging the red line and consensus regions will be updated accordingly. This process would change the estimated volume to match desired confidence level.

4 Mirror- Scope Well registered regions would exhibit symmetry

5 Mirror- Scope Poor registered regions would exhibit asymmetry

6 Gridded ‘mirror-scope’
Base and deformed images overlaid on the top of each other Gridded Mirror Scope for the base and the deformed images

7 Fast 3D Gamma Metric Based on "A fast algorithm for gamma evaluation in 3D”, Wendling et al, Medical physics, 34 (5), p. 1647, 2007. Works with doses of unequal dimensions and having associated transformations. Computation time for regular doses is ~2 seconds. 1

8 Image Registration via command line
[basePlanC, movPlanC] = register_scans(basePlanC, movPlanC, baseScanNum, movScanNum, algorithm)

9 CERR Extractor – makes it easy to combine Dosimetric and Clinical data
Outcomes and Clinical data Treatmement data

10 CERR Extractor STEP 1: Choose directory containing Tx plans
STEP 2: Choose structures to model STEP 3: Manually correct unconventional names STEP 4: COHORT REVIEW STEP 5: Choose Excel file containing outcomes / clinical data STEP 6: Export Tx, outcomes and clinical information to DREES STEP 7: Model

11 Cohort Viewer

12 Dose CT Profile

13 Min/Max/Mean Dose Projection

14 IMRTP Example solver: runOptimExample.m Wiki

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