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COEPA 17.02.2011. What is COEPA? COEPA is the Business Confederation of the Province of Alicante Established in 1978 COEPA is the organisation representing.

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1 COEPA 17.02.2011

2 What is COEPA? COEPA is the Business Confederation of the Province of Alicante Established in 1978 COEPA is the organisation representing the entrepreneurial collective of the Province of Alicante in all forums

3 What is COEPA? COEPA is a non profit organisation made up of –80 sectorial business associations –10 industrial federations –45 independent corporations Through the associations voluntary integrated in COEPA it represents 90% out of 63.778 companies in all economic sectors of Alicante COEPA is at the same time member of geographically wider organisations –CIERVAL at Region of Valencia level –CEOE at national level

4 Shoes Toys Turrón Ice cream Marble Agricultural Ind. Textiles Tourism

5 COEPA’s network: Headquarters located in Alicante Seven Regional offices located in: AlcoyOrihuela Elda Torrevieja Denia Benidorm Elche Training Centre - Fundación COEPA Training Centre for the health and safety at work

6 Main services of information and assessment: Training department Labour affairs department Health and safety at work department Department of environment IT department Statistics department

7 What are the objectives of COEPA? Contribute to economic growth and social development Support private initiative Represent and defend the business community interests Enhance company competitiveness

8 What does COEPA do for the business community? Cooperates with the administration and institutions in developing company policies Vindicates the necessary economic infrastructures Negotiates collective agreements with Trade Unions

9 What does COEPA do for the business community? Organises conferences, symposiums, publications, etc, on current business & economic subjects Disseminates statistical and economic information Provides business information and advice Arranges life-long training for employers and employees

10 ENTERPRISE EUROPE NETWORK The Enterprise Europe Network is a european network that provides information and advice to european companies on EU matters, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs). We provide practical answers to specific questions en every country in Europe.

11 The Network offers concrete solutions and information to entrepreneurs and companies in more than 40 countries, including the 27 EU member states, three EU candidate countries (Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey), members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and other participating third countries.

12 Main services are: Business partner search within technology and Business cooperation databases. Fast access to information on funding opportunities. Individual on-site visits to companies to assess their needs and a broad range of promotion and information material. Help businesses understand EU law, how it applies to their business and how to make the most the internal market and EU programmes.

13 The Network is made up of 600 local contact points employing a total of nearly 3 000 experienced staff spread around Europe. Most partners in the Network are operated by consortia of qualified regional organisations such as chambers of commerce, regional development agencies and university technology centres.

14 The Entreprise Europe Network hosted by COEPA was inaugurated on January 2008. We work by consortia with several organizations of Valencia and Murcia Regions: The University of Alicante, the Chamber of Commerce of Valencia; etc. We are considered the first stop shops for companies in Alicante.

15 SEIMED – Comunitat Valenciana y Región de Murcia

16 Our main information and advice services to companies and business associations are: Providing information and practical advice on market opportunities, European legislation and relevant policies to companies or sectors. Helping SMEs to find business partners using its business and technology cooperation database. Providing information on tender opportunities and international networking.

17 Developing the research and innovation capacities of SMEs. Helping SMEs to share research results, participate in research programs and apply for funding, particularly from the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Involving SMEs and business actors in the policy- making process, by transmitting feedback to the Commission and monitoring the implementation of EU policies in the field of competitiveness and innovation.

18 To give these services, our Enterprise Europe Network uses several instruments and sources of information:. Different Databases from the European institutions.. The intranet designed by the European Commision in order to mantain the communications between the network centres.. The co-operation database to exchange the co-operation profiles between the network members.

19 . The Network web site. http://www.enterprise- http://www.enterprise- The electronic bulletin “Infocoepa” with european information and interesting european news for the SMEs.. The Alert system. And the different newsletters, magazins and bulletins edited by other european organizations and institutions.




23 Sources of information http://www.enterprise-europe- me/index_en.htm

24 MEDIA - AUDIO http://www.enterprise- europe- info/ m


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