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Copyright and Acceptable Use

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1 Copyright and Acceptable Use
Debbie Meadows EDCI 579/LBST 390 CSUB Proficiency 1.4

2 Acceptable Use Policies
District, school, or classroom policy regarding the use of computers and the Internet.

3 Components of an AUP Philosophies Responsibilities
Rules and Consequences Disclaimers and Reminders Compliance Signature Page for Parents and Students

4 Compliance COPPA CIPA Copyright Law Fair Use Policies in Education
Child Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 CIPA Children’s Internet Protection Act of 2000 Copyright Law Fair Use Policies in Education

5 COPPA (1998) Prohibits the collection of personal information from children under 13 Verifiable Parental Consent No more information than necessary Notice regarding use of information must be posted on the website

6 CIPA (2000) Schools and Libraries shall implement policy that protects minors (under 17): Inappropriate Material on the WWW Harmful , Chat Rooms Unauthorized Access, Hacking Personal Information on the WWW While maintaining full access for those over 18 Or, Lose Funding

7 Copyright Law and Fair Use
Anti-Piracy Software Video/Pictures Music Paper Materials Class Sets Sharing Posting on the WWW

8 Copyright and Fair Use Plagiarism Teachers and Students

9 Fair Use Guidelines for Education
Video—10% or 3 minutes Print—10% or 1,000 words Music, Music Video— not more than 30 seconds Photo/Illustration—5 per artist/photographer Off Air Video—keep for 45 days and show 2 times All must be properly referenced

10 Resources AUPs

11 Resources Copyright and Fair Use
Excellent Resource

12 Proficiency Checklist
Narrative paragraphs on AUPs, copyright and fair use, COPPA, and CIPA Evidence Screenshot of LAST page of copyright primer Staff and Student AUP from school Educationally related article on copyright and fair use See resources from PowerPoint Presentation

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