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Getting blogged down Presentation to AEF 11 October 2008 Graham Young Founder and Chief Editor On Line Opinion

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1 Getting blogged down Presentation to AEF 11 October 2008 Graham Young Founder and Chief Editor On Line Opinion

2 Whats a blog Entries reverse date order Calendar Blog Roll Monthly archives

3 Does that really describe something unique? Newspaper articles On Line Opinion MySpace FaceBook Comments Forum Posts

4 Back to basics Form follows function Form obscures function

5 Mozaic Model One Many

6 Back Chat Model One Many

7 Conversational Model Many

8 Cyber Space Simple Model PublisherAudience Audience

9 Cyber Space Actual

10 Even more actual

11 Characteristics of the net Network theory 6 degrees of separation Hubs A process not an object Long-tail

12 Democratic market 50 years ago Homogenous/ Mass Market Loyal/Tribal Hierarchical Relatively Passive Not mobile Community defined by geography Decentralised and small scale

13 Democratic market now Differentiated/Niche Markets Volatile Flat Demanding Mobile Community defined by interest Large scale

14 How is internet likely to change politics? Increase market differentiation Make electors more volatile Further flatten hierarchies More demanding Increase numbers of communities of interest Scale will be less relevant Re-engineer the back office

15 Traditional political organisations Political Parties, Trade Unions, many NGOs Strong hierarchies Exclusive membership Creed

16 Modern political organisations Greenpeace, WWF, GetUp, US political parties Membership convenient casual opportunistic Works, not faith/Transactional not relational

17 Why traditional political organisations are withering Inherent conflict between a corporatist approach and a participatory structure. Like a Macdonalds where you have to buy a membership before you can buy a burger.

18 Internet If it didnt exist the modern political organisation would need to invent it. Convenient Undemanding Ubiquitous Agnostic

19 Fundraising McCain Obama GetUp

20 McCain v Obama Obama 50% online (Open Secrets) $215 per person (Daily Kos) New Hampshire $500,000 in 30 mins, $4.4 M two days

21 GetUp – AFL Grandfinals Ad competition $50,000 per ad $280,000 Five ads

22 Organising supporters 287,868 supporters Email still the killer app

23 Organising supporters FaceBook According to the BBC a student protest in Britain has been successful in getting HSBC to reverse its policy change on interest- free accounts for graduates. While the protest also had a real life component, with a protest at the banks London headquarters organized by the national Union of Students, the campaign took shape on Facebook, with members calling for a boycott of the bank. Over the time of the protest the number who had joined the protest via Facebook reached more than 4,000.

24 Organising supporters MySpace Nearly 40,000 students from across SouthernCalifornia staged walkouts to protest proposed immigration legislation Monday, blocking traffic on four freeways and leaving educators concerned about how much longer the issue will disrupt schools. The protests are believed to eclipse in size the demonstrations that occurred during the anti-Proposition 187 campaign in 1994 and even a famous student walkout for Chicano rights in 1968.

25 Community Jennifer Marohasy Celebrating heroes Sharing beliefs Sharing information (e.g. Arthur Smith) Rehearsing arguments Understanding objections Esprit de corp

26 More community Twitter Twitter Saves Berkeley Student Arrested in EgyptTwitter Saves Berkeley Student Arrested in Egypt Buck, 29, used the ubiquitous short messaging service to tap out a single word on his cellular phone: ARRESTED. The message went out to the cell phones and computers of a wide circle of friends in the United States and to the mostly leftist, anti- government bloggers in Egypt who are the subject of his graduate journalism project.

27 Key Considerations Action Information Community Discussion Blogs just one way to organise information Form should follow function Dont get bogged down on blogs.

28 Read about it here

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