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Reforming American Society

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1 Reforming American Society

2 A Spiritual Awakening Inspires Reform
The Second Great Awakening-Widespread Christian movement to awaken religious sentiments. Revival meeting- Revive faith through impassioned preaching.

3 Unitarians and Transcendentalists
Unitarians- emphasized reason as a path to perfection. Transcendentalism- emphasized that truth could be discovered intuitively by observing nature and relating it to one’s own emotional and spiritual experience. Ralph Waldo Emerson

4 The African American Church
Slaves in the south interpreted stories as a promise of freedom Northern African Americans were able to form their own churches. These churches often became political, cultural, and social centers for African Americans.

5 Slavery and Abolition Abolition- movement to free African Americans from slavery William Lloyd Garrison- Editor of the Liberator Frederick Douglass- Outspoken critic of slavery. Owned newspaper, The North Star

6 Writing an Article Address an injustice in the world today
Advocates a course of action Be Written in a professional tone Two Paragraphs

7 Turner’s Rebellion Nat Turner attacked four plantations and killed whites. Slave owners oppose abolition- some wanted emancipation for slaves. Most chose to tighten restrictions on all African American to prevent them from plotting insurrections.

8 Women and Reform Women mobilize for Reform- Women abolitionist raised money distributed literature, and collected signatures for anti slavery petitions to Congress.

9 Education for Women Work for abolition and temperance accompanied gains in education. Gain in education improved women’s health reform. Women rights movements emerges- Male abolitionist discriminated against female abolitionist. Elizabeth Cady Stanton held the Women’s Rights convention.

10 Women and Reform Seneca Falls convention- called for a resolution for a women’s right to vote Sojourner Truth- outspoken abolitionist refuted the arguments that because she was a women she was weak, and because she was black, she was not feminine.

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