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CTCs + AAS + BAS Career Pathways designed for ALL Students Bachelor of Applied Science The New High Priority Occupational Credential.

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1 CTCs + AAS + BAS Career Pathways designed for ALL Students Bachelor of Applied Science The New High Priority Occupational Credential

2 National Need 90 million Americans do not possess the necessary skills to work in a global economy.

3 January 25, 2011 President Barack Obama State of the Union Address In a single generation, America has fallen from 2 nd place to 11 th place in the proportion of students completing college…. By 2025, we want 60 percent of Americans to hold high-quality college degrees and credentials.

4 Pennsylvania Need In 2011, only 43 percent of PA adults between 25-34 earned an associate degree or higher. 50 of the 67 counties are projected to have 7811 fewer HS Graduates 2008-2020. How will PA make up the 17 percent gap to achieve 60 percent? Or support workforce?

5 PASSHE Role Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education: Comprised of 14 public Universities, is the largest provider of higher education in the Commonwealth of PA enrolling 120,000 students Is mission-driven to provide access to programs designed to meet the Commonwealth needs

6 PASSHE Institutions in Rural & Urban Counties

7 Feedback from Stakeholders CTE training and A.A.S degree graduates, although technically skilled, may be limited in career advancement. The A.A.S degree is no longer a terminal degree. A critical need exists for a baccalureate degree pathway for technical program graduates that integrates with Career Technical Education and 4-year universities

8 Critical to the Commonwealth High Priority Occupations (HPOs) Impact of the global economy Employers stated need for a workforce with both technical and professional skills New programs must address the current and continued health of the Commonwealth

9 We Responded! Provides educational opportunities with stackable skills, competencies and credentials Uses the strengths of all partners to create a combined pathway that is more than the sum of its parts New Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) degree: A career-oriented degree that addresses issues CTE Directors have been raising for some time

10 Mission of CTE – Was – Entry level employment – Now – Successful careers & lifelong learning New Option – A.A.S. & B.A.S. degrees for previously disenfranchised Students Career & Technical Education (CTE) CTE becomes a new college prep pathway

11 Lehigh Career & Technical Institute (LCTI) – 20% of Lehigh County high school students (3,300) attended in 2010-11 – 1,500 Incumbent workers With the new A.A.S. to B.A.S. pathway – Attract a greater number of high academic achievers – Promote incumbent worker advancement in high skill, high wage careers Opportunity

12 Pennsylvania Community Colleges offer a pipeline of program candidates – Over 7,000 students enrolled among 3 community colleges in Fall 2010-11 With the new A.A.S. to B.A.S. pathway: – A.A.S. no longer viewed as a terminal degree – Community colleges will serve as a linchpin for a seamless 9-16 educational pathway Two-Year Institution Contribution

13 The most open educational pathway in the Commonwealth to high priority jobs Serving traditional and adult learners plus incumbent workers Providing options for the unemployed and underemployed Multiple program entry and exit points Seamless Career & Technical Pathways

14 Competency-based education for knowledge and applied skills Recognition of National Skills Standards Broad applicability to multiple areas such as Manufacturing, Information Technology, etc. Focus on Skills Needed in Workforce

15 Supports PASSHE Transformation 2010 Innovative Collaborative New Degree Credential The B.A.S. and PASSHE Serving the Needs of Pennsylvania's Workforce and Employers Affordable, Flexible Educational Pathways

16 Programs In Place Bloomsburg University BAS in Technical Leadership First BAS program approved by the PASSHE Board of Governors On-site at Lehigh Carbon Community College Clarion University BAS in Technology Leadership Online program

17 Lehigh Career & Technical Institute Excellent foundation in technical skills College preparatory coursework including dual enrollment Industry- recognized certifications and skills credentialing

18 Lehigh Carbon Community College Advancement of technical skills Completion of Associate degree in Applied Science Enhanced Industry- recognized certifications and skills credentialing

19 Bloomsburg University Completion of general education college coursework Advanced technical and professional competencies Pathway to graduate- level education (MS, MBA)

20 PASSHE Network of 14 Universities Applied Baccalaureate framework Identifying potential partnerships Program facilitation

21 A Call to Action for CTEs Add identification of a pathway from every CTE career cluster to an Applied Associate degree then to an Applied Bachelors degree to your strategic plans

22 Seek Partners Contact local Community College and/or PASSHE University(ies) Also, distance education methodology allows for program replication that may align well with your CTE pathways Contact business and industry and workforce stakeholders for opportunities to meet, discuss, share ideas, to build a stronger and talented workforce.

23 Assemble a Team Include representatives from: All institutions Regional Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Regional employer and professional organizations High-impact regional employers

24 Resources and Regulations Work with all partners to identify grants to fund program feasibility studies and development Determine requirements and impact of possible state and federal regulations Communicate with accreditation agencies

25 Determine Delivery Options On-site model – Courses at CC and 4-year University campuses Co-located model – University courses co-located at CC campus Online model – University courses provided online – CC courses could be online or on-site Blended model – Some courses provided online and others on-site

26 Create a Marketing Plan Reach out to all stakeholders Students and parents at all levels Sponsoring districts administration, guidance and faculty Regional Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Employer support organizations Employers General public

27 We hope you heed our Call to Action! Carol Adukaitis, EdD PA State System of Higher Education 2986 N. Second Street Harrisburg, PA 17110

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