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Marine Core Service MY OCEAN Globcolour/Medspiration Workshop, Oslo, 20-22 November 2007 - My STATUS.

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1 Marine Core Service MY OCEAN Globcolour/Medspiration Workshop, Oslo, 20-22 November 2007 - My STATUS

2 Marine Core Service Recap MyOcean objectives n Objective 1: Set up the Marine Core Service –A system of systems of 14 components (6 TACs, 7 MFCs, and 1 central) forming the backbone of the core service –13 CORE PARTNERS, committed for operations n Objective 2: Ensure Operational Certification –A group of engineering-operated space companies and met offices n Objective 3: Ensure Sustainability through User involvement –A group of 23 Member States users & all EU marine countries are represented n Objective 4: Ensure Sustainability through Products state-of-the-art quality –A group of 24 R&D partners, distributed all over Europe

3 Marine Core Service MyOcean consortium n Lead : MERCATOR OCEAN n Core partners from France, UK, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Netherlands, Ukraine,... n 27 different countries, from EU, but also Norway, Israel, Russia, Canada, Morrocco,... n 69 partners total

4 Marine Core Service Before MyOcean n Before GMES (<2002) –GOAL: Conducting research, developing network and capacities –The Global Ocean Data Assimilation Experiment (GODAE) initiated n GMES initial period (2002-2003) –GOAL: Demonstrate the European maturity of oceanography: MERSEA Strand 1 –We proposed a system based on existing skills and capacities n GMES Implementation period (2004-2008) –GOAL: Build the main components of the GMES system MERSEA IP for the marine component –Based on the integration of the European core of the existing systems and their networks


6 Marine Core Service GODAE Modelling/Assimilation Centers cf. GODAE Implementation plan n Australia : (BLUELINK): Regional Australian seas to Global Ocean n Japan : N.Pacific to Global Ocean n US (ECCO, HYCOM-US projects, …) : N.Atlantic and Global Ocean n Europe –France ( MERCATOR ) : N.Atlantic & Med Sea to Global Ocean –Norway ( TOPAZ ) : North Atlantic to Arctic –UK ( FOAM ) : N.Atlantic / Global ocean to Northern Shelves

7 Marine Core Service MY OCEAN 3. MERSEA Mersea Strand 1 2003-2004 Mersea IP 2004-2008

8 Marine Core Service MERSEA Strand-1/IP Objectives n develop at European level an integrated capacity for global to regional ocean monitoring and forecasting Share efforts, capacity, skills and data Develop a European system of systems

9 Marine Core Service The Marine Core Service n In october 2005, the Marine Core Service definition workshop –In 2006: The MCS GMES Implementation Group report : Ryder & al n GMES Operational period (2008-xxxx) –GOAL: Run the GMES European Service MyOcean MCS for the marine component - moving from system integration to services.

10 Marine Core Service Operational Implementation GMES schedule 00010203040506 07080910111213 Initial GMES Phases... Demonstrate the European maturity of oceanography Build the GMES marine system, integrating the core capacities Run the GMES marine core service, on an operational basis Todays challenges : n Challenge (1): run the European core service on an operational basis n Challenge (2) : link with the European and member states main services and applications, (and the rest of the world) n Challenge (3) : organise on a sustainable basis the link between this operational European service and the existing research networks

11 Marine Core Service MY OCEAN STILL A PROPOSAL A project for the European Marine Core Service

12 Marine Core Service GMES Satellite and in situ networks Marine Core Service Marine Core Service Marine Downstream Services Marine Downstream Services GMES Marine Operational Users GMES Service outputs (others) Core information (ocean state) User customized information (user products) GMES input information (raw data) A European Marine core service clearly defined by the EC GMES Implementation Group

13 Marine Core Service MyOcean strenghts n A multi-year experience : preparing this MCS successful implementation through different GMES projects –The last ones are: MERSEA, Medspiration & Globcolor, Marcoast & Polarview,... n A collection of well-assessed existing systems, were not starting from nothing ; we have already a very good basis of existing core systems –See for instance the Mersea system of systems n A community of providers, operators, users and researchers: we have powerful networking organization such as EuroGOOS –Organized by regions and linked to international (GOOS, GEO) –Gathering data Providers, model Operators and... Users

14 Marine Core Service MyOcean Challenges n Move from an inter- National cooperation to a European perspective define a european core and focus on the links with national systems n The ocean community has multiple faces: Met Offices, Ocean centers, Research & Operational, Public & Private, Data only, model only, etc define a functional architecture, assign the responsibilities, and be clear on the commitments n We have different definitions of operationality for our operational oceanography systems. use only one : use the EC guidelines as the reference n Move from science-push to user-pull set up a user-oriented organization: a user board, user commissioning forum,... n Move from demonstration to full scale operations a certification process, to deliver the ready-for-operations label MCS

15 Marine Core Service Climate Marine Environment Seasonal and weather forecasting Offshore Maritime transport and safety Fisheries Research General Public Card 1: WHY? Areas of Benefit MyOcean will provide the data for users in the marine sector, in other words the information for existing & new downstream services.

16 Marine Core Service Card 2: WHAT ? (Service) MyOcean will deliver regular and systematic reference information (processed data, elaborated products) on the state of the oceans and regional seas: at the resolution required by intermediate users & downstream service providers, of known quality and accuracy, for the global and European regional seas. Data handling, Modelling and Assimilation Variables: T, S, UV, SSH, ice, Chl-a,... Products: Catalog of reference products : pre- defined data fields, reanalysis, reports,... Service: Real time, Delayed Mode, On request,

17 Marine Core Service Card 3: HOW FAR ? Provider OBSERVATIONS END - USERS MY-OCEAN European Core Service downstream to our service:... is done (duty), or will be better done (skill) by a specialized agency, a European agency or a national center ; usually already in place Example : COASTAL SYSTEMS The down stream Cut off upstream to our service... is done (duty) by an observation agency or center (raw data) Example : Eumetsat SAF or the ESA PAC The upstream cut-off Data, Model European added-value

18 Marine Core Service Card 4: TO WHOM ? n The Key Users n MyOcean will deliver a service to –EU: The European Union Users: European agencies (EEA, EMSA, EDA,...) –MS: The Member States Users: National Service Providers –IG: The Intergovernmental bodies Users: MS and/or exec.bodies such as OSPAR, UNEP-MAP, HELCOM, ICES,... EEAEMSAEDA... Met Offices Ocean centers Env. agencies Navies, CoastGuards,.. Research centers... OSPAR ICES UNEP-MAP... CORE

19 Marine Core Service The users n The direct users of MyOcean products are –a) Member States service providers (intermediate users) that provide downstream services and products to regional / national / local users –b) European and Regional Agencies: EMSA, EEA, HELCOM, OSPAR, UNEP-MAP, Arctic Council, OOPC, GCOS, JCOMM,... n A Core User Group composed by both a) and b) members will be set up n A much broader range of MyOcean users (end-users) is involved indirectly in the demonstrations and together with the MS providers carry out the assessment n SLAs will be established by WP17 following GSE approach n Existing relations Core service providers Intermediate users built through MERSEA, Marcoast/Polarview, regional organizations (e.g. GOOS/EuroGOOS),... will be continued.

20 Marine Core Service MFC and regions n 1. Global n 2. Arctic n 3. Baltic n 4. NWS n 5. IBI n 6. Med Sea n 7 Black Sea MOON & MedGOOS GOOS/ Godae NOOS BOOS Arctic GOOS Black Sea GOOS 6 IBI-ROOS 1 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

21 Marine Core Service Card 5: WHEN ? n A 3-year project n Starting before summer 2008, ending in 2011 n 2 phases : –First 18 months: qualification of Service Version 1 –Last 18 months: qualification of Service Version 2 2006200720082009201020112012 (prototyping core system) MY OCEAN (core service) CALLPROPOSAL MCS Workshop KICK-OFF GMES ImplementationGMES Operations Qualif Service V1 Qualif Service V2 QUALIF MCS V1QUALIF MCS V2

22 Marine Core Service Card 6: HOW ? Service Interface n 6 TAC : Thematic Assembly Centers –Observations n 1 global and 6 regional MFC: Monitoring and Forecasting Centers –Model / Assimilation n Each Production Unit –under operational commitments to deliver a service (OLAs) –Conducting R&D, Integration, Operations, and Assessment Sea Level SST Ice Wind Color In Situ TAC Arctic Baltic Atl. NWS Atl. IBI Med Sea Black Sea Global MFC 13 PRODUCTION UNITS

23 Marine Core Service MyOcean WP1 MANAGEMENT & CROSS-CUTTING WP2 CENTRAL ENGINEERING WP4 to WP16 PRODUCTION WP17 to WP20 SERVICE WP3 R&D WP4 to WP10 MFCs (Monitoring & Forecasting Centers) WP 11 to WP16 TACs (Thematic Assembly Centres) Service definition Service provision Service Integration & assessment System engineering Quality assurance Common Sub-systems The breakdown

24 Marine Core Service Selection of TACs & MFCs Rationale n Consolidation (operational, Cal/Val, R&D, service) of facilities developed over the past 5-10 years (MERSEA, Eurogoos, ESA projects including GSE, national projects, etc). n Criteria : maturity, skill, pan-European scale, operational capabilities, links with MFCs, Member state support (sustainability) n Global and regional services n Builds on Implementation Group Report

25 Marine Core Service MyOcean 6 TACs n Sea Level TAC n Sea Surface temperature TAC n Ocean colour TAC n Wind TAC n Sea Ice TAC n In-situ TAC n CLS n UK Met Office, Météo-France n CNR n KNMI n Met.No, (NERSC) n Ifremer

26 Marine Core Service MyOcean 7 MFCs n Global and North Atlantic n Atlantic: North west Shelves n Atlantic: IBI area n Arctic n Baltic n Med Sea n Black Sea n Mercator Ocean, France n Met office, UK n Puerto del Estados, Spain n Mercator Ocean, France n, (NERSC) Norway n DMI, Denmark n INGV, Italy n MHI, Ukraine

27 Marine Core Service SL TAC OC TAC Sea Ice TAC In situ TAC MFC Global: NEC/Fujitsu Arctic MFC Baltic MFC NW Shelves MFC: NEC IBI MFC : Cray Med Sea MFC Black Sea MFC MyOcean arteries network SST TAC Wind TAC

28 Marine Core Service Card 7: WHO ? Operators duty: operational and qualified A few, but under strong operational commitments R&D Duty : quality and innovation Users Duty: ensure MCS integration into real world Engineers Duty: central engineering

29 Marine Core Service What´s next We expect to receive an official letter from the Commission in beginning December that will invite us to start negotiations: -The negotiation phase is assumed to take about 3-4 months (end in April 2008). -The negotiation and finalization of the DoW will have to provide a full outline of the MyOcean objectives and workplan in consistence with the 33 meuro of EU contribution. -MERSEA IP ends in April 2008 -Possible start of MyOcean in 3rd quarter of 2008.

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