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Map of India.

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1 Map of India

2 Rostows Theory Stage 1 – Traditional society Labor intensive
Stage 2 – Transitional state Produce excess and trade surplus Stage 3 – Take off Population increase Stage 4 – Drive to maturity Import of resources Stage 5 – High mass consumption Need to produce more

3 Partnerships Current Partnerships: North Eastern Council (NEC)
Best Practice: Eagle Valley Partnership (Chavez and Selin, 1995)


5 Partnerships “A voluntary pooling of resources (labor, money, information etc.) between two or more parties to accomplish collaborative goals” (Chavez and Selin, 1995). Current Partnerships: North Eastern Council (NEC) Best Practice: Eagle Valley Partnership

6 Collaboration “A process of joint decision making among autonomous, key stakeholders to resolve problems and or to manage issues related to the planning and development” (Text. Ch 13). Collaboration can be a critical way to achieve common goals.

7 Workshops “Small group sessions (usually with a maximum of 35 participants) held for a period of intense study or training. The emphasis is on exchanging ideas and demonstrating skills and techniques” (Howell, Ellison, Ellison & Wright, 2003). Important for information sharing A place where stakeholders can discuss important topics

8 Cultural Issues Loss or change of culture through: Commodification
Standardization Loss of authenticity and staged authenticity Adaptation to tourists demands (UNEP, 2001)

9 Dimensions of Cultural Impacts
Tourism Industry E x p e c t a i o n Tourists Difference, encounter, acculturation Host Community Resource use, commodification and dependence Ethnic and political fragmentation, indigenous groups and sub-cultures resource equity Consumption (Singh, 2007)

10 Indigenous Control of Tourism
Spatial limitation Hosts set limits on entry to homelands and sacred sites Activity limitation Hosts established preferred tourist activities Temporal limitation Hosts indicate appropriate times for tourist access and use Cultural limitation Hosts limits on access to cultural knowledge and rituals (Zeppler)

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