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Mrs. Schaad’s First Grade Class Welcome, students!

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1 Mrs. Schaad’s First Grade Class Welcome, students!

2 Welcome to First Grade!  I will introduce you to first grade and to our classroom.  If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3 All About Me  My background  I grew up in Dushore and Mildred.  I attended Saint Basil’s Elementary, Sullivan County High, and Penn State and Mansfield College.  My experience  I’ve been teaching first grade for 27 years and I love it!

4 My Family  My husband  Dan  My children  Daughter, Danielle  Sons Corey, Kyle  Our pets  dog, Angus Dan and Me DanielleCoreyKyle Angus (Gus)

5 My Goals  To give you the academic and social skills you need to progress to second grade.  To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.  To help you make new friends and discover new interests.

6 Class Subjects  The subjects we cover during first grade are:  Reading  Math  Science and Social Studies  Spelling  Writing

7 Reading  We will read many books this year! We will read one or two stories a week. You will have homework each time we read a new story.

8 Writing You will write about animals that you have learned about. Some of them are alligators, polar bears, penguins,whales and bats.

9 Math  We will learn to add and subtract numbers. As the year goes on we will learn to count money and tell time.

10 Science  Our class will learn about lots of animals that live in the North Pole, South Pole and by the equator.

11 Social Studies  Each week we will get a Weekly Reader and talk about what is happening in our world.

12 Classroom Community  Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.  Our class rules are:  Be respectful and responsible.  Be organized and follow directions.  Be on time.  Be prepared.

13 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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