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By: Stephanie Shupryt Sci295 ge_Washington_Carver.jpg.

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1 By: Stephanie Shupryt Sci295 ge_Washington_Carver.jpg

2  Who can be a scientist?  What do scientists want to achieve (goals)?  How is science used in our every day lives?

3  George was born in January of 1865 in southern Missouri  Kidnapped by bandits as an infant and later returned  Lived in a nurturing household its/Tuskegee/gwcslave.htm /stewart/AAMuseum/beginnings.htm

4  The carvers instilled a need for knowledge by teaching him an appreciation for nature, self- sufficiency, and an appetite for learning.  Eventually left to attend an African American school.  Enrolled in Simpson College for Art after being rejected from highland college.

5  His art professor Etta Budd convinced him to transfer to Iowa State for agriculture. Her father was the head of the agriculture department.  Carver eventually obtained his masters at Iowa he became the first African American to work at Iowa State. /stewart/AAMuseum/collegeyears%28S imp%29.htm

6  After receiving a masters in agriculture he went to the Tuskegee institute to head the agriculture department as a request from Booker T. Washington  Carver worked at the Tuskegee institute until his death in 1945 as a teacher, administrator, and researcher. ge_Washington_Carver,_ca._1902.jpg 1902

7  marvels-tuskegee-institute#modern- marvels-tuskegee-institute marvels-tuskegee-institute#modern- marvels-tuskegee-institute Co/Carver-George-Washington- Farmer-Agricultural-Food-Scientist- Educator-1805-1943.html washington-carver-god-glorifying- agricultural-innovator/

8  Carver used peanuts and other plants to help enrich the depleted soil of the South from cotton  http://aggie- rver_peanut.html http://aggie- rver_peanut.html ge_Washington_Carver- peanut_specimen.jpeg

9  Carver created a mobile school to teach raual farmers how to care for their soil and make their fields more productive  Mobile classes today /stewart/AAMuseum/lifesworkJessupw agon%29.htm /about_jesup.asp

10  Captain of the National Guard student battalion  Lead the debate team, German club, art club, Young Mans Christian Association(YMCA), and the athletic trainer for the Iowa State football team /stewart/AAMuseum/collegeyears%28I SU%29.htm

11  Worked with Henry Ford  Wanted to help the planet and the economy  Ford and Carver worked to create a car made out of a durable soybean plastic frame that ran on ethanol.  They also worked on synthetic rubbers and other eco friendly projects.

12  Carver died at Tuskegee January 5, 1943  Fell in his house  Died from anemia due to fall  Age 78

13  Carter did not believe in profiting from his work and gave much to the community without wanting anything in return  Gave his entire life savings to the Tuskegee institute which they put toward making the G.W. Carver foundation that worked to further agricultural research  rt/AAMuseum/todaysimpact.htm rt/AAMuseum/todaysimpact.htm

14  Started in 2008  Given to anyone in government sectors, academic workers, and private sectors who made advancements in industrial biotechnology.

15 The G.W. Carver Memorial in Diamond MO. First monument to be dedicated to an African American First monument to be given to someone other than a president 2007_08/Period%203/George%20Washington%20Carver/Picture%2 0Gallery.htm ips/Atlanta2001/Atlanta2001_images/Mec-008f.jpg The museum was dedicated to Carver With much funding come from his good Friend Henry Ford.

16  What did George Washington Carver achieve with his experiments?  How is his scientific discoveries still impacting us today?

17  seum/index.html seum/index.html  washington-carver-award-innovation-industrial- biotech washington-carver-award-innovation-industrial- biotech  http://aggie- anut.html http://aggie- anut.html  carver carver  htm htm  wcoverview.htm wcoverview.htm

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