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Polygons by Amy Pihlainen

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Polygons by Amy Pihlainen

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1 Polygons by Amy Pihlainen

2 Polygons The word polygon means “many angles” A two dimensional object A closed figure

3 More about Polygons Made up of three or more straight line segments There are exactly two sides that meet at a vertex The sides do not cross each other

4 Examples of Polygons

5 These are not Polygons

6 Terms: Side: One of the line segments that make up a polygon. Vertex: point where two sides meet.

7 Terms continued Interior angle: an angle formed by two adjacent sides inside the polygon. Exterior angle: an angle formed by two adjacent sides outside the polygon.

8 Terms continued

9 Types of Polygons Equiangular Polygon: a polygon in which all of the angles are equal Equilateral Polygon: a polygon in which all of the sides are the same length

10 Types of Polygons continued
Regular Polygon: a polygon where all the angles are equal and all of the sides are the same length. They are both equilateral and equiangular

11 Examples of Regular Polygons

12 Names of Polygons Triangle: a three sided polygon Quadrilateral: a four sided polygon. A quadrilateral that is a regular polygon is called a square.

13 Names continued Pentagon: a five sided polygon
Hexagon: a six sided polygon Heptagon: a seven sided polygon

14 Names continued Octagon: an eight sided polygon Decagon: a ten sided polygon Dodecagon: a twelve sided polygon

15 Sides Name Nonagon, Enneagon Undecagon, Hendecagon Tridecagon, Triskaidecagon Tetradecagon, Tetrakaidecagon Pentadecagon, Pentakaidecagon Hexadecagon, Hexakaidecagon Heptadecagon, Heptakaidecagon Octadecagon, Octakaidecagon Enneadecagon, Enneakaidecagon Icosagon Triacontagon Tetracontagon Pentacontagon Hexacontagon Heptacontagon Octacontagon Enneacontagon Hectogon, Hecatontagon 1, Chiliagon 10, Myriagon

16 Types of Polygons Convex - a straight line drawn through a convex polygon crosses at most two sides. Every interior angle is less than 180°. Concave - you can draw at least one straight line through a concave polygon that crosses more than two sides. At least one interior angle is more than 180°.

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