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School of Medicine –Promotions and Tenure Jane F. Reckelhoff, PhD Chair, SOM Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee.

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1 School of Medicine –Promotions and Tenure Jane F. Reckelhoff, PhD Chair, SOM Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Committee

2 Overview What is the process ? What is the approximate timeline? What are the criteria considered for promotion or tenure? Where can I find the guidelines? Letters of endorsement MySite: CV and portfolio. What is MySite ? What is the difference between a CV and portfolio ? Help!!??

3 Process - summary Human Resources team develops the list of faculty members eligible for promotion or tenure based on time in rank. List is sent to department chairs for validation and consideration; faculty is notified of their eligibility based on time in rank or tenure probation time. Tenure: IHL policy mandates that any faculty member hired on or after Jan 1, 2005 on the tenure track must be considered in their 6 th year of service Faculty meets with chair, Dept P&T Committee, completes the CV and portfolio in MySite; external reference letters requested by Dept P&T chair Decision making process: Dept P&T committee  Dept. Chair  SOM APT Committee  Executive Faculty  SOM Dean  IHL board (tenure)

4 What is the timeline for this cycle? (Approximate) TIME LINE & ACTIVITES March 2015 Faculty identified through HR data for “time in service” eligibility. Information is shared with Department Chair to validate the data. Typically 4 years in rank is necessary for promotion Tenure—must come up in the 6 th year of service and be associate professor rank. July 1Faculty notified about their eligibility. July 1- Sept 15 Faculty meets with department chairs to discuss their eligibility, complete/update Mysite CV and portfolio, and identify external referees. Department and faculty will seek the external “endorsement” letters and upload or forward the letters to Ms. Dorothy Singleton. Faculty may self nominate for promotion and will be responsible to secure endorsement letters. Sept 16-Oct 15 Department P&T committee and Department Chair make their recommendations and write letters to the SOM -APT Committee. Oct 16-Jan SOM-APT committee reviews the faculty CV, portfolio and letters, votes on the faculty and submits their recommendation to the Executive Faculty Committee February 2016 Executive Faculty votes on the APT committee recommendations and forward the recommendations to the Dean of School of Medicine. Feb –Mar 2016 Dean to approve/disapprove the nominated faculty. The list of faculty approved for tenure by the Dean is then submitted to the board of Institution of Higher Learning (IHL) for their approval, faculty approved for promotion is also sent to IHL Mar –May 2016 IHL Approval (Tenure only) ; No action required by IHL on promotion list July 1, 2016Promotion and Tenure effective and updated in the Lawson and other related systems.

5 Where can I find the guidelines? cine/SOM_Faculty_Affairs/Promotions.aspx Click on “Promotions” or “Tenure” for the guidelines related to each topic

6 What are the criteria for promotion and/or tenure?

7 For Tenure Track: Faculty must have effort in all three emphasis areas of our UMMC mission*: Service Research Education One primary, two secondary emphasis areas: Example: Service primary, research and education secondary *based on IHL

8 For Non-tenure track: Faculty must have effort in at least two areas of emphasis for the UMMC mission, one primary, one or more secondary. For example: Service primary and Education secondary Service primary and Research secondary

9 What good is tenure? What does it mean ? What is the benefit ? Tenure protected salary: Associate professor: $75K Professor: $90K

10 Can you change tracks? Yes, you can change track from tenure track to non-tenure track You can change from non-tenure track to tenure track You may only change track every 3 years If you change to non-tenure track from tenure track, you will forfeit all tenure credit time

11 Can you change percent efforts? If you have been promoted to associate professor on research/service track, can you be promoted to full professor on education track? YES, your percent efforts are determined by you and your chair based on what you do every day at UMMC

12 Letters of endorsement – whom should you ask? Faculty will consult with Departmental P&T committees and their Chair to determine who should provide letters of endorsement. Three letters are needed (at least 2 external) Person should not have a significant training, mentoring or collaborative relationship with the faculty member—e.g. no collaborative publications within the past 5 years Dept. P&T Chair will contact evaluators, provide the faculty member’s CV, UMMC guidelines, and request a letter. Letters from endorser's will be sent back to Departmental P&T Chair. Dept. P&T Chairs will submit endorsors’ names into Mysite Letters will be sent by the Dept. P&T Chair to the APT Committee coordinator for uploading into Mysite.

13 MySite: CV and Portfolio What is MySite? Replaced Activity Insight Used as your academic “life history” Could be used as personal CV Used by UMMC and depts CV: Summary of your work and educational history. Can include portfolio information not usually on CV; e.g. RVUs Portfolio: Used for P&T process—tab only available to nominated faculty*. One tab for each emphasis area (service, education, research). Contains info not typically on CV

14 OMG Help! Department Chair Department P&T committee chair and members Department administrators SOM P&T Coordinator : Mrs. Dorothy Singleton (Email: Office of Faculty Affairs:

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