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CTE & Common Core THE DEVIL IS IN THE CREATIVE MIND Rod Boyes Todays Class.

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1 CTE & Common Core THE DEVIL IS IN THE CREATIVE MIND Rod Boyes ( Todays Class

2 Official of a States Political Party: …common core standards remove parental and state control…results in the ability of schools to use pornographic books…biased on a liberal perspective….indoctrination…spying on kids through the collection of data….sharing with the Federal government….and private parties who want to profit off our children.


4 Sources –ELA, Math –ELA, Math (RTTP)

5 The Consortia Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium PARCC (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers) 2014-15 Assessment implementation Summative assessments for program evaluation Formative assessments for diagnosing student needs

6 Achieve toolkit Focus strongly where the Standards focus Think across Grades/courses, and link to major topics in each course In major topics, pursue with equal intensity – conceptual understanding – procedural skill – applications

7 English Language Arts Standard Conventions Knowledge Vocabulary Reading Literature Key Ideas Craft & Structure Integration of Knowledge and Ideas Range, Level, Complexity

8 Mathematics Counting Operations and algebraic thinking Number and operations in base 10 Number and operationsfractions Measurement and Data Geometry Ratios, Proportional Relationships

9 Involvement Nearly half the states report that they have no CTE representation on their CCSS implementation teamsimplying that the CCSS are being viewed purely as a academic initiative--- The academics feel underrepresented also

10 Tests-Costs Smarter Balanced (est. $22.50-- $27.50) PARCC (est. $29.50) ACT(?) Other

11 Concerns Availability of computers and access Assessments more difficult, scores will be lower Rating faculty Less time on curricula Competing with colleagues

12 TESTINGaffected by: Reading ability Content Preparation Test Stress Areas of interest Ability to focus

13 Accreditation Accreditation is a measure of school quality and includes a range of variables Is testing a better measure of school quality than accreditation? Who should be in the educational standards business

14 Political Rationale Poor education is the teachers fault (Apparently, school facilities, curricula, textbooks, library, computer support, parental involvement do not play a role in student performance Test students, calculate an average for teachers Fire/replace teachers in the bottom half to solve problem (do that every year)

15 Elevating the Image Common and Career Ready Business Councils/Advisory Committees Job Availability Connection of Technology Success cases--NCEER

16 Something to think about CCTC Common Career Technical Core Traditional culture of HS --silos of content Instructor needs – Development time – Technical updating – Parental engagement – Employer engagement

17 CTE Options Forget it, no relevance, as efforts are academic and based math and English/literature Start by working with the academic silo to demonstrate relevance through case studies Encourage administrators to encourage discussion on standards (faculty must drive the process)

18 Related Workshops Connection with Parents Test Design Recognitions Adjunct Support Team Based Learning Lesson Plans Basic Computer Skills

19 More-- Community Engagement Advisory Commitees Students-Broader World Reading Skills

20 NASDTEc State Directors working on CC for CTE Highly diverse group RangeWorkforce Development to Basics Locally focused Historical influence

21 Leadership ???????????????? Your influence matters

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