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Communications Overview S.U. Donor Recognition Plan.

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1 Communications Overview S.U. Donor Recognition Plan

2 Donor recognition plan objectives Achieve a REAL shift from benefit-based clubs to donor-centric relationshipssubstantive contact intentionally escalates (from low to high touch) Achieve a simpler structure * oPrimary donors: - annual giving group ($1,000+ yr.) - cumulative giving group ($100,000+) oPlanned giving Benefits of simpler structure: oeasier to grasp & appreciate externally oeasier to manage & execute internally * NOTE: those who demonstrate consecutive giving and faculty/staff giving fall under these categories

3 Overview of objectives (cont.) Overall, move away from overtly promoting/publishing donor groups differences and levels: * the nuances of relationship management will be main difference donors experience (low-touch vs. high touch) * distinctions will also be achieved by slight variations in how we communicate with each group (verbiage, access to web features, etc.) TRANSITION: Introduce/position the shift as benefit to donor base: * new name to better reflect essence & impact of your gifts * new, more meaningful ways to thank, recognize, and engage you * best of the old folded into the new (i.e.: benefits)

4 Key messages of rollout > Donor group names should pay a compliment to the donor & be suggestive of its positive impact on the institution: ex: Benefactor vs. 1870 Society, Society of Fellows, etc. > A single graphic look (to be developed) will unify, yet ever-so-slightly distinguish, our three donor groups. This look will be: * more reflective of donors relationship to SU * more consistent with the core SU brand annual giving cumulative giving planned giving Benefactors Visionaries Pathfinders

5 Message matrix Message 1Message 2Message 3 New membersnot currently part of any club Converted members of old society/ies to new No longer qualify for clubs WELCOME!MODIFIED WELCOME! Upsell to philosophy of giving importance, impactand recognition You are a Benefactor the University could not be where it is today without you unwavering support Include info on new recognition societies IMPACT AND RECOGNITION… Add transition languageold to new Direct them to solution for athletic preference recognize affinity with athleticswe want you to be taken care of in the best way

6 For both hi and lo level Benefactors… reverse thinking from what you get, to how youre treated…its the touch that changes Every gift makes an immediate difference As sof members you understand the importance of giving and have had significant impact already…. Your gift has made possible – give examples As a group you are exceptional – in 2006 you contributed $xxx – funding over % in scholarships, program support and… For all this, we thank you Now as Benefactors… and to recognize your unwavering support, we welcome you to a group without which the University could not be the place it is today. As Benefactors youll receive the best of the old folded into the new… Old friends, new name… etc. Take personal satisfaction in the impact you have -- review the enclosed and learn more about our commitment to you Or log in at [site name TBD] For any questions, concierge services for campus events, and more information contact our benefactor hot line, 800-xxx-xxxx Welcome SOF to Benefactors

7 Internal category 1 $ 1,000+ yr Internal category 2 $10,000+ yr Low touchHigh touch Annual Giving Benefactors Typified by: > Mass mailed appeals > Tele-prospecting > Large-audience events Typified by: > Assigned relationship manager > Personalized mailings > Personalized phone contacts > Exclusive events Feed in from FFS pool Over time, donor cultivation moves from low- to high touch propelling gifts from small to large. Note: PG prospects may reside in either group and receive ongoing PG messages.

8 Appeals & solicitations Welcome Ongoing contact 1 2 3 Within each donor pool, contact moves from (1) solicitation, to (2) welcome, to (3) ongoing relationship maintenance…

9 Annual Giving Benefactors Mass appeals & solicitations Mass-mailed welcome kit Ongoing mass contact 1 2 3 Calendar Scholarship in Action e-newsletter State of the University DVD Invite to 1 event: - Chancellors Tailgate SU premium Welcome cover letter Access to concierge service Save-the-date for Chancellors Tailgate Internal cat. 1 $ 1,000+ yr Brochure Tailored cover letter Reply device CONSECUTIVE giving recognized within these categories. Set milestone years. Individualized appeals used w/ Gift Officers Welcome kit with higher production value More frequent contact & increased quality Internal cat. 2 $10,000+ yr Brochure Tailored cover letter Reply device Calendar Scholarship in Action e-newsletter State of the University DVD Invites to 2 events: - Chancellors Tailgate - TBD SU premium Welcome cover letter Access to concierge service Save-the-date for Chancellors Tailgate Save-the-date for high-level event

10 Rollout timeline February 2007Begin development of graphic identity and welcome materials March 2007 Rollout plan to School/College unit DOs Brief program structure, purpose of change, rollout plan, etc Brief transition plan for currently qualifying SOF members. ID specific donors for mail groups, special handling, etc. Coordinate project w/ mail house April 2007 Obtain new 1-800 number for Concierge Services Finalize donor communications letters/support materials Re-brief DOs on rollout May 2007 BEGIN EXTERNAL ROLLOUT DOs personally introduce upcoming change to select donors Q&A and revamp info posted to website toolkit for DO use July 1, 2007NEW PROGRAMS IN PLACE Materials done Welcome kits released

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