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Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Course #B54-99-09.

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1 Emergency Medical Technician-Basic Course #B54-99-09

2 Whats on the Agenda? Introduction IntroductionInstructorStudentsWebsite Class Syllabus Introduction to Emergency Medical Care Introduction to Emergency Medical Care Medical/Legal/Ethical issues Medical/Legal/Ethical issues The Human Body (introduction) The Human Body (introduction) Quiz Quiz

3 Introductions Introduction IntroductionInstructorStudentsWebsite Class Syllabus

4 Introduction to Emergency Medical Care Chapter 1 Chapter 1 The EMS System Components *Medical Director *Medical Direction

5 Medical Director Medical Director

6 Medical Direction Medical DirectionOff-lineOn-line

7 Well-Being of the EMT-B Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Diseases of Concern

8 West Nile Virus West Nile Virus Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (sars) Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (sars) Avian Flu Avian Flu

9 Communicable Diseases of Concern Hepatitis Hepatitis TB TB HIV/AIDS HIV/AIDS

10 Infection Control and the Law Ryan White CARE Act Ryan White CARE Act

11 Emotion and Stress Physiological Aspects Physiological Aspects General Adaptation Syndrome

12 Stress Types Types Causes Causes Signs and Symptoms Signs and Symptoms Dealing Dealing CISM CISM

13 Death and Dying Stages Stages Dealing Dealing

14 Scene Safety

15 Medical/Legal and Ethical Issues Scope of Practice Scope of Practice Consent and refusal Consent and refusal Other legal aspects Other legal aspects

16 The Human Body (introduction) Anatomical Terms Anatomical Terms Body Systems Body Systems

17 Anatomical Terms Anatomical Position MidlineMedialLateralBilateral

18 Descriptive anatomical terms Anterior Anterior Posterior Posterior Ventral Ventral Dorsal Dorsal Superior Superior Inferior Inferior Proximal Proximal Distal Distal Palmar Palmar Plantar Plantar Mid-Clavicular Line Mid-Clavicular Line Abdominal Quadrants Abdominal Quadrants

19 Positional Terms Positional TermsProneSupineFowlersTrendelenberg

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