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2 Definition of pharmacology
The study of drugs

3 Drugs an EMT-B can administer
Activated Charcoal Aspirin Epi-pen Oral Glucose Oxygen

4 Drugs and EMT-B can ASSIST in the administration of
Metered-dose Inhaler Nitroglycerin

5 The criteria for the administration of any drug
Clinical signs and symptoms must be present Does the medication belong to the patient Verify dose route form of medication Obtain Medical Control

6 Types of administration
Oral administration Sublingual IM

7 Action The effects of a drug on the body’s systmes Nitro: Vasodilator Inhaler: Bronchodilator Oral Glucose: Raises blood sugar Activated Charcoal: Prevention of absorption Epi-pen dilates bronchiole constricts blood vessels

8 Side Effects Actions other than what is desired Nitro: Hypotension Inhaler: Stimulation of the Sympathetic Nervous System Oral Glucose: None Activated Charcoal vomiting black stools Epi-pen: none

9 Dosages Nitro Tablet 0.4mg One tablet sublingual may be repeated in 5 minutes not to exceed 3 doses

10 Inhaler One metered dose May be repeated as directed by medical control Oral Glucose One tube Activated Charcoal 1gm/kg Epi-pen 0.3cc auto injector

11 How to administer Nitro place tablet under the tongue Inhaler purse lips around inhaler depress inhaler as patient inhales deeply Patient hold their breath for a few seconds

12 Oral Glucose One tube between cheek and teeth Activated Charcoal Drink desired dosage Epi-pen Lateral aspect of thigh between hip and knee

13 Indications Conditions under which a medication is to be administered Nitro: Chest pain Inhaler: Breathing difficulties with history of COPD/Asthma Oral Glucose: Hypoglycemia Activated Charcoal: Ingestion of poison Epi-pen: Anaphylaxis with respiratory distress or signs/symptoms of shock

14 Contraindications Conditions under which you would not administer a drug Nitro B/P is <100 systolic Suspected head injury Children Three doses have already been given

15 Inhaler The patient is not responsive enough The maximum dose has been taken Oral Glucose Patient is not able to swallow Activated Charcoal Has ingested a caustic agent Epi-pen: None


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