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Thriving in Chaos A model for personal leadership development in the 21 st Century.

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1 Thriving in Chaos A model for personal leadership development in the 21 st Century

2 Whats it all about? A bit about chaos theory and so what for organisations and you as a leader Change and Chinese symbols A tool kit for thriving in chaos An open invitation to share thoughts and experiences

3 Warm-up for creative thinking! Choose a postcard that best describes how you feel about your job 3, uninterrupted minutes of explanation to your partner Swap-over

4 20 th C to 21 st C Science Capacity to analyse, control, predict behaviour (20thC) Messy, unpredictable, chaotic A few simple rules Doing things right or doing the right things?

5 Messy, chaotic …most people feel lost in the organisation of which they are a part. Managers are overwhelmed by too much information, too many rapid changes, and too many conflicting demands… Senge, Fifth Discipline

6 Messy, chaotic … from an early age we are taught to break apart problems, to fragment the world. This apparently makes complex tasks and subjects more manageable but we pay a hidden, enormous price. We can no longer see the consequences of our actions..we loose our intrinsic sense of connection to the larger whole.. Senge, Fifth Discipline

7 Messy, chaotic … core learning dilemma – we learn best from experience, but we never directly experience the consequences of many of our most important decisions…

8 Messy, chaotic … when asked what they do for a living most people describe the tasks they perform everyday, not the purpose of the greater enterprise in which they take part… most see themselves within a system over which they have little or no influence. They do their job put in their time and try to cope with forces outside their control…

9 Messy, chaotic …previously we focused great effort on allowing people to do their jobs better.. We saw learning how to do the job better as the principle driver of quality…in this new era where information plays a greater and greater competitive role, the question becomes notcan I do this job better, but What should I do? What is the right thing to do

10 What do you see? OPPORTUNITY NOWHERE




14 DANGER FEAR Shock - Denial Anger they I Sadness Acceptance Humour Reality Plan for Monday Go to hell $

15 OPPORTUNITY thriving Stress Management Self care Priorities Career Development Challenge

16 Physiology of STRESS

17 Personal Leadership Development Model VISION What I want? Personal – family, money Professional Ideal Job I like to do… 6 months left Obituary

18 Personal Leadership Development Model RANGE OF OPPPORTUNITIES Go to hell ££££ When to say take this job and shove it Plans for thank you very much Monday Skills Have Need

19 JOB SUCCESS Stakeholders Who are they? Your boss Make him/her successful Expectations 5 key goals What & how Time management Feedback

20 LEADERSHIP Self development Continuous learning Reflection -expose your soft underbelly safely Self awareness/ Authenticity Versatility Volunteer Take risks New skills Communication 1 minute appearance Language

21 In short…. Be a thrive-or, not just a survivor…..

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