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Batyr Ballyev, Head, Environment Protection Department, the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan Climate Change-Related Priorities & Needs.

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1 Batyr Ballyev, Head, Environment Protection Department, the Ministry of Nature Protection of Turkmenistan Climate Change-Related Priorities & Needs

2 Climate Change Projects: 1. “Turkmenistan: Enabling Activities for the Preparation of Initial Communication related to the UNFCCC” Project (UN/GEF Project); 2. “Expedited Financing of Climate Change Enabling Activity. Phase II” Project that composes an integral part of the First National Communication on UNFCCC (UN/GEF Project, 2002-2003); 3. “CACILM Multicountry Capacity Building” Project (UNDP/GEF, 2003-2006); 4. “Turkmenistan: Preparation of the Second National Communication on UNFCCC” Project (UNEP/GEF, 2007-2010); 5. “Addressing Climate Change Risks to Farming Systems in Turkmenistan at National and Community Level” Project (Adaptation Fund, UNDP since 2012).

3 National Body for CDM For the purpose of performing the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol Turkmenistan established National Body for CDM in the form of Inter- Agency Commission in 2009; National Body enabled a broad access to Turkmen market for international investments and modern clean technologies; Currently the country’s overall energy system sites large-scale reconstruction works are in progress.

4 National Climate Change Strategy Adoption of National Strategy – 15.06.2012; Presentation of National Strategy at the Rio+20 Conference; The Strategy contains: Key mechanisms on implementation and financing as well as monitoring and correction; Financing: governmental budget, establishment of National Climate Fund, attraction of international financing sources; Development of 2 Plans: Adaptation Plan and Prevention Plan; Formation of the Working Group at the national level – (28 governmental organizations, UNDP);

5 National Strategy Priorities Priority focuses: Measures on improvement of energy efficiency, energy- and resource-saving in all sectors of economics; Development of alternative energy sources; Technological growth for future development and competitiveness; Energy safety, diversification of economics.

6 National Strategy Tools Basic tools of national policy for implementation of measures: Enhancement of regulatory and legal base; Improvement of institutional structures; Introduction of financial tools stimulating reduction of GHG emissions; Establishment of national GHG monitoring system; Development of information tools.

7 Priority Sectors of National Strategy For adaptation to climate change: Population Health, Water Resources, Agriculture, Soil and Land Resources, Ecosystems (flora and fauna), Forest Management, Hazardous Natural Phenomena. For prevention of climate change: Oil-and-Gas Complex, Industry, Electric Energy, Transport, Alternative Energy Sources, Housing and Utilities Sector, Waste Management.

8 Adaptation Measures The country is widely implementing adaptation measures on reforestation and improvement of land use to facilitate climatic impacts; State Vegetation Program – greenbelts have been created around cities and villages. For the last 12 years over 60 mln. coniferous and deciduous trees have been planted. Land resources management improvement methods are being introduced. Government strategy on forest resources management is being developed.

9 Climate Change Needs Application Area BarrierRecommendations Legislative barriers Regulatory and legal base for energy saving is insufficiently developed To develop the Law on energy saving To enhance the norms and standards in the area of energy use and energy saving To establish Energy Saving Body under the Government of Turkmenistan To develop National Program on Energy Saving Absence of governmental support to develop Renewable Energy (RE) To develop Renewable Energy Development Strategy

10 Climate Change Needs Application AreaBarrierRecommendations Technological barriers Absence of production facilities while raw products are available Creation of modern production facilities Development of innovative technologies based on local materials use Financial barriers High cost of RE equipment Access to long-term concessionary investments to introduce RE Absence of stimulating financial mechanisms for RE Absence of governmental financing of Re Concessionary taxation and credits for RE developers Feed-in-Tariffs for RE Establishment of Government Fund to finance RE Low rates for energy carriers Development of pricing policy that reflects actual expenditures for energy supply Introduction of taxation for GHG emissions

11 Climate Change Needs Application AreaBarrierRecommendations Market barriers Social and cultural /behavioral barriers CDM is non-developed Governmental support to promote CDM Projects, development of CDM Projects Implementation Program Absence of incentives to introduce RE Insufficient awareness Tax concessions for RE investments Exemption from import duties for RE equipment Environmental education quality improvement No interest by local population in using RE Advocacy via mass media

12 Priorities at the Regional Level Framework Convention on Environment Protection for sustainable development in Central Asia; Establishment of the UN Inter-Regional Center for Climate Change-Related Problems Solution: proposal forwarded by Turkmenistan at the 66 th Session of UNGASS (September 2011) and presented at the Rio+20 Summit; Climate change actions within ICSD; Implementation of the 2 nd phase of UNEP Regional Project; Participation in Regional НАМА Project; Development of cooperation with EU in the area of environment protection;

13 Thank you for attention!

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