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LIFT & SSDP Principles Process Principles Process&Delivery Alan Prigmore.

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1 LIFT & SSDP Principles Process Principles Process&Delivery Alan Prigmore

2 LIFT Delivery Principles Strategic Whole System approach Community based services Co-location / integration of services Step change in care Expensive & Complex Flexibilities / Opportunities Future proofing

3 Orgs. / Agencies / Services etc. PCTs GPs / Practices Dentists Optometrists Pharmacists Community Nursing DTCs Mental Health / Acute Ambulance/Police/Fire Social/Housing/Education Private Sector providers UDP / Transport Trades Unions Voluntary / Community groups LMC / CHC Commercial & Leisure

4 LIFT Structure Local Stakeholders PfH Private Partner Strategic Partnering Board PCTs/LAs LIFT Company End Users Shareholders Agreement Strategic Partnering Agreement Lease Plus

5 SSDP Contents Population –Demographics/Health Needs etc. NHS Plan / LDP Requirements –Local & National targets Services –Current services –Current delivery systems / pathways of care –Development proposals –Strategy

6 SSDP Contents continued Human Resources –Current staffing - skills etc. –Future requirements –Strategy Estates –Current capacity / standards / flexibility –Future requirements –Strategy

7 SSDP Contents continued IM&T / Equipment –Current –Future requirements –Strategy Financial Analysis –Current revenue commitments –Future growth & commitments –Capital & revenue costs of LIFT developments –Net revenue costs

8 SSDP Contents continued Delivery –Short term developments in detail –Medium term developments in draft –Long term vision –Implementation programme –Stakeholder commitment –OJEC Notice

9 Project Management

10 Specialist Advice National –Local Project Support Managers –PfH Advisors –Legal / Financial Local –Legal / Financial –Quantity Surveyors –Architect / Project Manager –District Valuer

11 Requirements Partnerships / Co-ordination / Co-operation Population Demographics / Public Health Details Detailed Comprehensive Audits Detailed Service development Plans Capital Investment / Dis-investment Programme Financial Impact Statements - Capital & Revenue Contracts & Constitution Financial & Legal Advice Ownership & Commitment

12 Procurement & Delivery Signed SSDP in 6 months (£50 & £150 million) OJEC to ITN 3 Months Detailed Submission & Shortlist 3 months Detailed design solutions / Partnership proposals & selection of preferred bidder 3 months Final Design & Contract negotiation 3 months Construction of priority schemes commences 12 months after issue of OJEC 18 months from date of selection as a LIFT locality

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