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Co-operative Enterprise Quiz. Question 1 Salud Co-op provide health services to over 4 million people in which country? A. Bolivia B. Columbia C. Japan.

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Presentation on theme: "Co-operative Enterprise Quiz. Question 1 Salud Co-op provide health services to over 4 million people in which country? A. Bolivia B. Columbia C. Japan."— Presentation transcript:

1 Co-operative Enterprise Quiz

2 Question 1 Salud Co-op provide health services to over 4 million people in which country? A. Bolivia B. Columbia C. Japan D. Germany

3 Answer 1 B. Columbia

4 Question 2 Rural electricity co operatives supply over 36 million households in which country? A.China B.Mexico C.United States D.Argentina

5 Answer 2 C. United States

6 Question 3 Who said this? Co-operatives contribute directly to improving the standard of living of half the Worlds population. A.Kofi Annan B.Tony Blair C.Brad Pitt D.Your head teacher

7 Answer 3 A. Kofi Annan – Secretary General of the United Nations 1997-2006

8 Question 4 In which country are these members of a worker co-operative who care for HIV/AIDS sufferers? A. Kenya B. India C. South Africa D. Nigeria Photo: Peter Wilson

9 Answer 4 C. South Africa

10 Question 5 Kuapa Kookoo, the cocoa farmer producer co-operative – and partner in the Day Chocolate Company is from which country? A. Nigeria B. Ghana C. South Africa D. Kenya

11 Answer 5 B. Ghana

12 Question 6 IFFCO is a farmers fertilizer co-operative in which country? A. Slovakia B. China C. UK D. India

13 Answer 6 D. India

14 Question 7 In which country have rural electricity co operatives enabled education and work? A. Bangladesh B. India C. Pakistan D. Malaysia

15 Answer 7 A. Bangladesh

16 Question 8 Which of these brands are run as co-operatives? A. Sunkist B. Crédit Agricole C. Ocean Spray D. All of them

17 Answer 8 D. All of them

18 Question 9 Founded by the merger of a number of co-op formed trade unions, FairPrice now has 450,000 members, over 100 stores and turnover of over $1 billion pa. In which country is FairPrice based? A. Japan B. China C. Singapore D. Mexico

19 Answer 9 C. Singapore

20 Question 10 In what year were Dividend Stamps introduced in the UK? A.1927 B.1949 C.1966 D.1985

21 Answer 10 C. 1966

22 Question 11 Co-operatives from which country funded the reconstruction of this warehouse in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands after the Tsunami? A. USA B. UK C. Germany D. Africa

23 Answer 11 B. UK

24 Question 12 What year did the Rochdale Pioneers open their store in Toad Lane? A. 1828 B. 1834 C. 1844 D. 1862

25 Answer 12 C. 1844

26 Question 13 What do these people have in common? A. They all inspired co operative enterprise B. They all shopped at the co op C. They were all members of co operatives D. They all worked in the Toad Lane store

27 Answer 13 A. They all inspired co-operative enterprise Dr Moses Coady and Father Jimmy Tompkins - whose vision led to the rapid growth of the Antigonish movement in Atlantic Canada in the1930s. Father Jose Arizmenderrieta who inspired the Mondragon network of co-operatives in the 1940s in Spain. In 1881, don Lorenzo Guetti, promoted the constitution of the Consiglio provinciale dellagricoltura in Trentino, now in Northern Italy, then part of the Hungaro Austrian Empire – from which the powerful Trentino Co-operative Federation grew.

28 Question 14 What is this woman working in a co-operative factory doing? A. Weaving B. Punching out saucepan handles C. Thinking D. Making boots

29 Answer 14 B. A co-operative employee punching out saucepan handles

30 Question 15 What is this? A. A leather punch B. An early sewing machine C. A co-operative society seal D. A stapler

31 Answer 15 C. A co-operative society seal

32 Where did Stanley Mathews get his football boots from? A. Manchester & Salford Co-operative Society B. Shoefayre C. CWS D. Clarks Question 16

33 Answer 16 C. The boots were manufactured by the CWS

34 Which International media agency is a co-operative? A. News Corporation B. Reuters C. United Artists D. Associated Press Question 17

35 D. Associated Press Answer 17

36 Question 18 Why was the Queen visiting St Cuthberts Co-operative Society? A.The Queen was buying a new carriage built by St Cuthberts B.The entourage had broken down and St Cuthberts were mending the carriages C.They had the Royal Warrant to take care of the carriages D.St Cuthberts was next to her holiday home that summer

37 Answer 18 C. They had the Royal Warrant to take care of the carriages

38 Question 19 What famous movie star earned a living driving a horse-drawn milk float before turning to acting? A. Richard Burton B. Cary Grant C. Sean Connery D. Albert Finney

39 Answer 19 C. Sean Connery

40 Question 20 What were consumer co-operatives the first to introduce into the UK in the 1940s? A. Dividend B. Self-Service C. In Store Bakeries D. Pre-packaged meals

41 Answer 20 B. Self-service

42 Question 21 What was the name of the first ship up the newly built Manchester Ship Canal in 1894? A. SS Equity B. SS Robert Owen C. SS Pioneer D. SS New World

43 Answer 21 C. SS Pioneer; one of the ships owned by the Co-operative Wholesale Society The VIPs on SS Pioneer in one of the locks on the Manchester Ship Canal

44 Question 22 What does the M&S stand for in the advert? A. Macclesfield & Southwick B. Manchester & Salford C. Mix & Splits D. Mike & Sals

45 Answer 22 B. Manchester and Salford Co-operative Society

46 Question 23 These men sitting on a girder above which building? A. Empire State Building, New York B. Guys Hospital, London C. Holyoake House, Manchester D. CIS building, Manchester

47 D. Co-operative Insurance Society building, Manchester Answer 23

48 Question 24 Where do these people work? A. A co-operative aerated water factory B. A co-operative armaments factory C. A co-operative bee factory D. A co-operative telephone exchange

49 Answer 24 A. The co-operative aerated water factory in Treforest, near Cardiff

50 Question 25 What are these co operative members queuing for? A. Discount coupons B. To return items C. Dividend D. An autograph

51 Answer 25 C. Dividend

52 Question 26 What are these co operative workers packing? A. Matches B. Chocolates C. Soap D. Batteries

53 Answer 26 C. Soap Advertisement from 1929

54 Question 27 Is this machine? A. A biscuit stamping machine B. A circle cutting machine C. A machine to dye circles onto fabric D. A medal making machine

55 Answer 27 A. A biscuit stamping machine

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