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Assessment for Learning A Collaborative Training Day.

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1 Assessment for Learning A Collaborative Training Day

2 8.00Introduction – DAR/IDW 8:10Key Note Speaker – Mark Lovatt 8:45Partnership video of good practice 9:00AfL across the partnership 9:15Improving dialogue between learner and teacher 10:00Workshop 1 11:00Brunch – Upper School Hall 11:30Workshop 2 12:25In Departmental/Key Stage 2 Groups 1:10Plenary - Victoria Ashfield – Upper School Hall 1:30 Close Outline of the day

3 KEVI and middle school collaborative partnership What assessment looks like across the partnership Maureen Kristen – Rothbury Margaret Scott – Chantry Steven Johnson – Newminster Anne Calder and Chris Easton – KEVI Viv Taylorson – Learning Consultant

4 AfL at Thomlinson Middle School Traffic Lighting 2 Stars and a Wish Target Steps Learning Roads Self & Peer Assessment Embedded – Assessment Policy - Medium Term Plans

5 Margaret Scott - Chantry Working together as a partnership Sharing good practice and expertise Using a common language for teaching and learning Using audits and questionnaires effectively to give the same training to all teachers Promoting a good work/life balance by joint meetings and training AfL in Chantry - Its what we do Valuing all Including all Enabling all

6 Margaret Scott - Chantry Learning is a shared process by pupils and teachers Demystifies the learning process for the pupils Creates classrooms where involvement in learning takes place Increases pupil interaction and develops speaking and listening to benefit learning in all subjects Encourages risk taking by pupils and teachers Time is created and used to give feedback Ensures opportunities for praise to raise self- esteem

7 Margaret Scott - Chantry Pupils can explain what they need to do to demonstrate success Develops independent learning Looks forward to the next steps Chantrys next steps – The interesting bit Creativity Develop learning roads Work on differentiated learning outcomes and success criteria Share learning targets with pupils and parents as part of working closely with parents

8 Steven Johnson - Newminster

9 Assessment for Learning at Newminster Middle …..fostering academic and personal development in a caring and challenging environment so that each individual can achieve his or her potential

10 OFSTED 2006..... need to monitor subject areas to ensure consistent quality of marking.

11 What are we doing ? Review of marking policy Using QRoad to learning in reviewing classroom observation schedule for new performance management arrangements – September 2007 Involving parents in AfL through QRoad to learning guidelines Encouraging children to transfer skills across the curriculum and across phases Departments sharing good practice within Newminster Sharing good practice in KEVI partnership and embracing changes to the Secondary Strategy

12 What are we doing ? Audit AfL and further improve consistency of strategies across the curriculum Peer and self assessment Oral and written feedback Clear and shared learning objectives Children setting their own curricular targets Learning roads / curriculum ladders Reflection of learning outcomes / plenary sessions Recording and reporting

13 Where next ? Working together as a collaborative partnership to develop an AfL / independent learning agenda fit for the 21 st century. Share good practice and expertise and build on strengths of the team Develop a community where learning is a shared process ie parents, pupils Work with our first schools to make changes to the Primary Strategy to ensure creativity in the curriculum we deliver.

14 Students know where they are, where they want to be and how to get there ****** Assessment for Learning at KEVI Regular grade updates to inform parents of progress Grades/scores are used as a motivational tool *** *** More use of exemplar material * Use of mark schemes *** Peer assessments A4L dedicated displays Anne Calder and Chris Easton - KEVI


16 Viv Taylorson – Learning consultant

17 Excellent Dialogue Sharing great practice - a practical activity. Laura McGuinness, Geoff Fox and Steve Wilkes

18 What have they got in common? Excellent Teaching and Learning.

19 Tight Curls!!! Task Assess Review Target Set / Modify approach Effective and interactive student learning involves regular feedback cycles. Ideally this happens in many subjects, with one target for improvement in each subject

20 Excellent Dialogue – Central to AfL Dialogue QuestioningReflectionObjectivesAssessment Sets context – before & after snapshot (long and short term) Self, Peer and Teacher against set criteria Beyond superficiality – Fat questions Allows a deeper and more honest dialogue

21 Emphasises Student-centred Student PeersTeacherParents Think about the analogy with a tripod – Peers, Parents and Teacher are the legs supporting the Student – the closer they are together, the higher the student achieves!

22 Poor dialogue Student always says Ill try harder – higher input Little thought/discussion about the process (Metacognition and enquiry/problem solving techniques) Discussion forgotten about & lost forever…

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