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Welcome to Open Collegiate Prep! 4TH GRADE 2015/2016.

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1 Welcome to Open House @ Collegiate Prep! 4TH GRADE 2015/2016

2 4th Grade Educators  Prof. Dailey – Math  Prof. Rollen – ELA  Prof. Williams – Science  Prof. Richardson –S.S.

3 Homework Assignments  Homework is given Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday each week. Scholars are expected to complete all homework assignments as practice. Homework includes Math, Reading Log, Language Arts/Spelling, Social Studies and Science.

4 A.V.I.D. – The Goal of Being Premier!   W riting to learn  I nquiry  C ollaboration  O rganization  R eading to learn

5 Flipped Instruction 

6 Planners/Agendas  Agendas are another form of communication between school and home.  Inside you can note weekly expectations, spelling words, behavior log/notes etc.

7 Daily Supplies  AVID Binder  ELA Journal (students can store this spiral in their AVID Binders)  Library Book

8 Technological Devices  Scholars will be notified when to bring devices, as directed by their teacher. Devices, with wireless capabilities, are best used in the classroom. This provides a “computer lab” experience, within the classroom.  Scholars have a username and password, as provided by the district, and will have controlled access to the internet.  Uses for technology may include:  Research within the content area  “Games” to reinforce learning  Collaborative exercises  Video Streaming  Possible vehicle for “Flipped Instruction” Using technology in the classroom helps students to :Prepare for the workplace, achieve academic goals, and prepare for future educational plans.

9 Attendance & Tardies  If your child is absent, please submit an excuse/note online (Skyward) or to the office when they return.  Your child is considered tardy after 7:30am. Three tardy passes equal an absence.  Each marking period we will celebrate scholars’ perfect attendance.

10 Dress Code  Black or red collared shirts (with the Prep Crest) may be worn any day of the week, with khakis or black pants/shorts.  Spirit or college shirts may be worn, on Fridays, with jeans.  Shorts and skirts must reach knees. NO cargo shorts.  Sneakers or shoes appropriate for running, must be worn on days they have PE. No sandals or flip-flops at school.

11 Grading system A = 90-100 * B = 80-89 * C = 70-79 * F = Below 70  Subject: Math  Subject: Social Studies  Subjects: Science  Subjects: Reading/Language Arts Categories: Daily Work 50%, Tests 40%, Homework 10%

12 Classroom Rules/Expectations Follow directions quickly. Raise your hand to speak. Listen when someone is talking. Always do your best. No put downs. Consequences 1. Verbal warning 2. Call to parent(s) 3. Think about it 4. Loss of recess 5. Conference with parent(s) and student/Referral

13 Class Dojo  4 th grade teachers will use this tool to track scholar behavior and academics using a point system.  REWARDS Some rewards include: Verbal acknowledgement Positive note or phone call home Computer Time Prize from prize box (once students have earned a specific number of points)

14 Assessments  On-going Assessments  Common Assessments  District Formative Assessments  S.T.A.A.R. Writing-March 29 & 30 (2 days) Math-May 9 Reading-May 10

15 Projects & Fairs  Students may also be required to do special projects throughout the year; to include Science Fair, History Fair, Math Quiz Bowl, and Literacy Fair

16 Join PTA! (Parent and Teacher Association)  They do so much for us and our scholars!  The membership fee is $10 for the entire year. Sign Up today!

17 Conferences  Please sign up for a conference with your scholar’s teacher, as needed.  Conferences can cover grades, attendance, behavior, and will be a time for any questions you may have.  Fourth Grade’s Conference time is from 12:15-1:15p.m.

18 Remind101  Remind101 is a free tool that allows teachers and administrators to quickly and safely keep in contact with their scholars/families via text message. The Professor can instantly broadcast a message to an entire list of addresses, or to a select few. The Professor never has to reveal her own personal phone number, and scholars/families cannot reply to the texts that come from Remind101. Remind101  To receive messages via text, text to 81010 @mrsrollen (Rollen) @367ba (Richardson) @mdailey1 (Dailey)

19 Stay in touch…  Email & Extensions  X6339  x6318  x6334  x6330

20 From your 4th Grade Professors: Any Questions???

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