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Swaagatam Alli shamushca capay Dobro pozhalovat Wilikom Wilkommen

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1 Swaagatam Alli shamushca capay Dobro pozhalovat Wilikom Wilkommen Zayt vilkum Benvenuto Yin dee Iiwy Chao mung Kalos orisate Siya namkela Mobrdzandeet Chaa-phe nang Dobre doshle Bienvenidos Yah oohkaah Sushri akal Croeso Velkomen Kush amaadiid Nej tuaj los Vitejte Irashaimasu Benvinutu Ayubowan Mire se vini Hos geldiniz Aloha mai Komeekha Bitaemo Merhaba Yak’ ei haat yigoodee Tavtai moril Witajcie Tere tulemast Välkommen Baruch haba Welkom Khush amdeed Ali Vitajte Dobrodoshli Pari yegas Fair faa ye Isten hozott Misto avilan Pasaykamuy Sveiki Hwangyong-hamnida

2 Welcome to Biology 332 Biology of Plants Fall 2010
Lecture MWF 9-10 A SC-116 Laboratory R 8-11 A SC-333

3 I will hold myself to this same standard!
During Lectures Please Turn all Phones to Silent I will hold myself to this same standard! Text-messaging during class is prohibited!

4 Professor: Ross Koning, PhD.
Cell Phone: Office: Science MWF 10 T 12:30-2 Website: University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) 1981 Plant Physiology - Flower development More recently: leaf development genes Please call me Ross!

5 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Objectives Advanced Course for Junior/Senior Biology Majors Comprehensive Course in Botany Covers 3 Kingdoms Bacteria (Cyanobacteria--blue-green algae) Protista? (Chlorophyta--green algae) Plantae (plants) Bryophyta (mosses, liverworts, hornworts) Psilophyta, Lycophyta, Equisetophyta, Pteridophyta (ferns and allies) Coniferophyta (conifers) Anthophyta (flowering plants: monocots and dicots)

6 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
More Objectives Structure and Function of Plants Natural History and Evolution of Plants Experience in Modern Phylogeny (Cladistics) Reinforce Group and Individual Learning

7 Caveat: Structure, Life History, and Evolution studies all include Structures, Processes, and Evolution of Sexual Reproduction This botany course is therefore R-rated: R RESTRICTED UNDER 17 REQUIRES ACCCOMPANYING PARENT OR ADULT GUARDIAN PERVASIVE IMAGES OF PLANT SEX ORGANS, EXPLICIT IMAGES AND DISCUSSION OF PLANT SEXUAL REPRODUCTION, EXPLICIT SEXUAL LANGUAGE, DIRECT MANIPULATION OF PLANT SEX ORGANS If you are uncomfortable hearing about, studying, discussing, or dissecting sexual structures, processes, and evolution, you should drop this course and select a different course.

8 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Resources No textbook really what I wanted, so visit: If your learning style requires a formal textbook, see syllabus If you need a textbook and cannot afford one, see me in office No Laboratory Manual, so visit: Exercises created as we go along You will receive only ONE personal copy of the worksheet Do not lose your copy! If you do, print from Three-Ring Binder with Zipper Pouch Small scissors, Metric ruler, Fine forceps You MUST have a mechanical pencil and eraser! Some people like colored pencils for this course Simple Calculator useful (+ – x ÷ =) Flash Drive (etc.) for computer files

9 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Quizzes Weekly quizzes are given at start of laboratory time Be on time; when last on-time student finishes, all papers collected! Question types as diverse as botany is! Multiple Choice True False Matching (esp diagrams!) Drawings (for you to sketch) Short Answer Structured Essay Essay Absence from 1 Quiz: with documentation pro rata Absence from any more Quizzes: 0 regardless of reason No missed quizzes? Lowest quiz score dropped! Best score = 100%, 90%+A-, 80%+B-, 70%+C-, 60%+D- Quizzes provide 35% of course grade Be ready for any and all!

10 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Laboratory Must bring worksheet with you to class or 10% penalty Must hand in worksheet or assignment by due date Due dates to be announced in class: attendance critical Papers due at beginning of lecture on due date. Papers during or after lecture are already 1-day late. Late penalty: 10% per day After graded assignments returned to a classmate: 100% penalty No makeup of laboratory exercises ever! Laboratory work provides 35% of course grade

11 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Term Project Paper The exact nature of this term project will be announced early in the term (but not today) You will carry out the project individually all semester You will do the work in the greenhouse and in lab It will involve growing plants and observing and documenting what you find out about them Exactly which plants you will study is what remains to be articulated Term project paper provides 10% of course grade

12 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Comprehensive Final Exam Given On Tuesday of Final Exam Week Questions will be comprehensive of entire course! Question types as diverse as botany is! Multiple Choice True False Matching (esp diagrams!) Drawings (for you to sketch) Short Answer Structured Essay Essay Clear your work, play, travel and other schedules NOW! Final exam provides 20% of course grade Be ready for any and all!

13 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Fairness I will do my level best to treat each student fairly! If you feel there is any unfairness, come to my office! Numerical scoring errors corrected without discussion. Partial credit reassessment with discussion. Pairwise comparisons: both please appear with both papers. I will not reduce the score of either party. We will discuss the two responses and grading seriously. Labels on diagrams do not earn points unless connected to image. I am open to your suggestions for improvement of objectivity. I cannot correct any errors unless you bring them to me in a timely way! Please do so within 1 week of paper return.

14 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Participation My estimate of participation provides Leverage into a higher grade Barrier from a higher grade Participation variables Attendance and Arriving on time! Attitude Attention in and out of class Staying on-task Engaged in class discussions Effective and contributing team member Bringing required materials to class Handing in all materials on time! Asking pertinent questions Answering lecture questions with clarity Barriers Opposites from those at left Complaining about work Phone/texting in class Doing the minimum Taking vacations Watching partners working Borrowing items from others Avoiding all the math Social conversations in lab Sleeping in class

15 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Participation Laboratory Exercises Are Not Book-ended in 3 Hours! ECSU Catalog Page 60: “As a general rule, students should assume the following obligations as they undertake coursework: to spend at least two hours in preparation or study outside of class for each hour in class” So for each 3-hour laboratory period you should be spending at least 6 hours at home finishing the laboratory worksheets! Distinguishing laboratory work from homework on the worksheets is critical to completing lab work within the 3 hours. Lab exercises are not too long if you stay on task and leave homework for homework…and avoid social conversation in class.

16 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Extra Credit There is NO extra credit Not for any one Not for any reason Not at any time Cheating Copying or Plagiarism Completely Prohibited We share data observations only with those who helped collect them We never share calculated results or written answers to questions

17 Let’s Look at the Syllabus
Participation If you are a student with a disability, and believe you will need accommodations for this class, it is your responsibility to immediately contact the office of AccessAbility Services. I cannot provide any accommodations for anyone until I have received a directive letter from the office of AccessAbility Services. If you are having difficulty with this course, I encourage you to come to my office hours, or meet with students who have completed this course in Fall

18 Let’s Look at the Schedule
Headings Tentative Syllabus: subject to change…watch the website! Dates: as currently planned, subject to change Lecture Topics links to lecture notes on website PowerPoint links for Mac, or HTML versions for older PCs Laboratory Exercises: Print out if you have lost yours! Readings, Vocab, Other Resources, Excel files, etc. There are no in-semester Exams, but there is a Final Exam!

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