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Spore Shedding Vascular Plants Psilotum Lycopodium Equisetum.

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1 Spore Shedding Vascular Plants Psilotum Lycopodium Equisetum

2 Huperzia a forest wetlands dwelling lycophyte These plants are the diploid sporophyte

3 Huperzia lucidula a wetlands-dwelling lycophyte

4 Huperzia root cross-section epidermis cortex phloem xylem plectostele protoxylem metaxylem exarch amphiphloic

5 haplosteles siphonostele eustele solenosteledictyostele atactostele leaf gap leaf trace cortex cortex phloem xylem cortex pith cortex phloem xylem pith dicot stem monocot stem Protosteles: actinosteleplectostele Siphonosteles:

6 ascular/lucidum6.jpg microphyll sporophyll sporangium spores gemma last years sporophylls stem

7 Huperzia root cross-section with branch root cross sections

8 Huperzia microphyll cross section cutinized epidermis mesophyll stoma vascular bundle

9 Lycopodium obscurum a forest-dwelling lycophyte The sporophylls are organized into a terminal strobilus.

10 Lycopodium obscurum sporophytes demonstrate dichotomous branching. Microphylls are spirally arranged with some flattening of the branch system. Lycopodium obscurum strobili are not interrupted by microphylls. Sporophylls are not photo- synthetic.

11 sporophyll sterile jacket spores (1N) stalk sporangium Strobilus Longisection All the spores are the same small size, so Lycopodium is homosporous. The spores are shed into the wind.

12 Lycopodium gametophytes may be photosynthetic

13 The sperm is flagellated and chemotactic

14 Diphasiastrum complanatum a forest-dwelling lycophyte

15 Lycopodiella alopecuroides a grassland dwelling lycophyte

16 Lycopodium innundatum a bog-dwelling lycophyte

17 Rhynia was a Psilotum-like swamp dwelling organism living with Protolepidodendron, the herbaceous ancestor of woody Lepidodendron in swamps during the Devonian period.

18 Lepidodendron was a large lycophyte tree living in marshes. Dead plants and spores built up in the peat of the marshes, were later overrun with sediments, and by heat and pressure were converted to coal.

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