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Crassula argentea - the jade plant Review of Flower Formula:

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1 Crassula argentea - the jade plant Review of Flower Formula:

2 Ranunculus - buttercup Review: What is the flower formula?

3 Lilium tigrinum - tiger lily What is the flower formula for this plant? The strange lateral buds are called bulbils. These are shed as a means of vegetative propagation

4 Adaptations for Pollination Attraction Visual Cues: Color, Shape, Size Olfactory Cues: Scent, Odor Reward Nectar: Sucrose, Water, Amino Acids Pollen: Vitamins, Minerals, Protein Behavior: Recreational Motivation!

5 Rudbeckia hirta - black-eyed Susan Hemerocallis - day lily Attraction: Visual Bulls Eye

6 Gaillardia grandiflora - Indian blanket flower Standard Black and White Image = all colors Black and White Image - minus red Black and White Image - UV only

7 Nectar Guides Nice scent too!

8 Osmophores: release scent as alternate attractant Sometimes the scent is the reward… A behavioral reward!

9 ectifera.jpg Ophrys insectifera with pollinator Argogorytes mystaceus Bergstrm, G. (1978) Role of volatile chemicals in Ophrys-pollinator interactions In Biochemical Aspects of Plant and Animal Coevolution (J. B. Harborne, ed.), Academic Press, London.

10 Beetles as pollinators: lousy flight accuracy, heavy feeding Target is large Alternate entry Heavy flower parts Pollen load is heavy Fantasy Island… Or Nightmare Island?

11 Hovering Birds and Sequence! Perching Birds Same Sequence Stiff-Leaf Perches!

12 Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

13 Asclepias - Milkweed and Monarchs

14 Kalmia - mountain laurel

15 Nectar spur: a pouch containing phloem exudate

16 Darwin described an orchid, Angraecum sesquipedale from Madagascar with an 11.5-inch nectar spur! He predicted that there would be a pollinating animal with 11.5-in mouthparts to drink the nectar, but never found the animal. Much later (1903), Xanthopan morgani predicta, its pollinator was found with an 11.5-inch siphon!

17 Wind Pollination: Corn (Zea mays)

18 Male flowers in the tassel Huge numbers of small, dry pollen grains, shed from high on plant. Perianth small, greenish, no nectar

19 Female flowers in ear Long, sticky, hairy stigmas = silk

20 Ross Rogues Gallery Flowers that Horticulture has turned into what I consider to be hideous monsters!

21 Dianthus caryophyllus - carnation

22 Rosa floribunda - rose

23 Malus domestica - apple

24 Gaillardia grandiflora - Indian blanket flower

25 Hemerocallis - daylily

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