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Chapter 20 Special Occasion Speeches

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1 Chapter 20 Special Occasion Speeches
“I am the most spontaneous speaker in the world because every word, every gesture, and every retort has been carefully rehearsed.” – George Bernard Shaw

2 Define each type of speech and where it might be given
Introduction Speech of presentation Speech of acceptance After dinner Commencement Commemorative Testimonial Eulogy Oratory

3 Introductions Be brief Refer to the occasion Name the speaker
Build enthusiasm - qualifications of the speaker Share info about the subject Explain why this speaker Conclude by welcoming Welcome!

4 Presentations Differ by occasion State the person’s name early
Explain the award’s significance Highlight what makes person unique Use anecdotal information and list of achievements Give award

5 Acceptance Impromptu Be brief, sincere,direct
Discuss importance to you Thank the group giving award Thank others who helped Reiterate your appreciation

6 After Dinner Most audiences want it light
Can be entertaining without being funny Be relaxed Use a theme - all quotes, statistics, visuals should use the theme

7 Ceremonial Speeches Commencements - positive & uplifting
Pay respect to past, but focus on future

8 Ceremonial Speeches Commemorative - inspiring speech that recalls historic events or people Testimonials - honoring a living person Few minutes long Research the person Warm and caring

9 Ceremonial Speeches Commemorative Eulogies - honoring someone who died
Decide on biographical or topical approach Biographical more difficult Topical allows focus on qualities or achievements Select subject with sensitivity

10 Contest Speeches Original Oratory Topic you feel strongly about
10 minute time limit Persuasive/Motivational Content and delivery = importance

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