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Confidential and Proprietary XBRL in Santander Group Amsterdam, november 6th, 2007 Confidential and Proprietary.

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1 Confidential and Proprietary XBRL in Santander Group Amsterdam, november 6th, 2007 Confidential and Proprietary

2 2 Index Quick update on the action items carried out this year towards a Santander Group corporative XBRL reporting framework. Current problems facing XBRL COREP adoption Questions and Answers to the next COREP/FINREP XBRL evolution and challenges

3 Confidential and Proprietary 3 nov.2005 XBRL Workshops Communicate XBRL to the business units. XBRL Financial Statements Involved in the SIIF project for XBRL exchange jointly with the Bank of Spain (Santander) 2005 June (Banesto) May 2006 (SCF) May 2006 XBRL Pilot Project internal reporting Department mar.2006 jun.2006 Corporate XBRL Architecture The XBRL Reference Architecture for Corporate Reporting is defined. sep. 2006 XBRL Labs Department. develop and integrate XBRL components and services. Q1 Q4 2005 2006 2007 Risk information project Basel II COREP to Bank of Spain Corporate Plan – XBRL Projects – Milestone Summary aug. 2007 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Corporate XBRL Architecture Architecture component design and development. Corporate XBRL Architecture First Production Release. XBRL Conversion XBRL Validation Security & Comm. automation services. FINREP and Formula information project Bank of Spain Q3-Q4 2008 Corporate XBRL Architecture 2nd Production Release. XBRL Conversion XBRL Validation Sending automation services. End User report tracking system Visualization Services 2008 2009

4 Confidential and Proprietary 4 Current Situation. Short Term Strategy. XBRL international consortium propose as strategy to diffuse the language firstly to the documents with financial information to enlarge it later on to the non financial information After that the specifications will extend so that all the external financial documents (inside each jurisdiction, to develop extensions to the general or main taxonomy that reflect the particularities of the different activity sectors) Following the same strategy in the short term, the Santander Group will focus using XBRL for regulatory reporting purpose. International XBRL Strategy External Financial Information Internal Financial Information Internal Non-Financial Information External Non-Financial Information

5 Confidential and Proprietary 5 2 XBRL CONVERSOR 4 5 XBRL Corporate Reporting Platform Processing WorkFlow COMPRESS SECURITY Load Taxonomy Load Map 1 3 Store Instance Technical Solution 6 Regulatory Banking Supervisor First Production Release: Sending XBRL from the platform server XBRL Conversion (Proprietary) XBRL Validation (Proprietary) XBRL Corporate Repositories Using the server to control and monitor the information sent to the regulator

6 Confidential and Proprietary 6 Geographic Scope. Currently the geographic scope of the project is focused on spanish regulator, the evolution of the platform is being designed to allow other countries to apply to their local regulatory body standards as required in next years. CC Holding

7 Confidential and Proprietary 7 0049 – Banco Santander SCH Entidades representadas 0011 AllFunds Bank 0036 Santander Investment 0073 Open Bank Santander Consumer 0086 BANIF 0091 Banco de Albacete 0030 – Banco Español de Crédito Banesto 0038 – Banesto Banco de Emisiones 0083 – Banco Alicantino Establecimientos Financieros (EFC) 0224 – Santander Consumer Finance 8236 – Santander Consumer EFC 4784 – Transolver Finance 8814 – Accordfin España 8490 – Santana Credit 8906 – Santander Factoring y Confirming 4757 – BANSALEASE EFC 4797 – Santander de Leasing EFC Estados Financieros Públicos 1 informe mensual 5 informes trimestrales 2 informes anuales En Total 34 Informes al año por entidad 578 informes XBRL al año Regulatory reporting based on local supervisor level. Spain, UK, US… Geographic Scope.

8 Confidential and Proprietary 8 Current problems facing XBRL COREP adoption Each country is adopting/extending COREP framework in a different approach. This would cause additional efforts in the corporate in order to adapt to each country regulatory requirements. Mapping data between different taxonomies.(reusing reporting information) The different versions each regulator is using to extend their local taxonomies is an additional issue to be solved in next steps of COREP evolution (supported with the new Versioning specification and software/integration for the reporting platform). Report/View Oriented taxonomy vs. DataModel oriented taxonomy COREP approach increase the efforts to render the information reported and to duplicate elements in different reports. Modularization and Performance issues is advised to improve in next COREP/FINREP versions.

9 Confidential and Proprietary 9 How is Santander Group XBRL reporting estrategy with COREP? Santander Group is pushing the XBRL standard at medium speed in order to comply to regulatory requirements in this short term (local spanish regulators at this moment) using a reporting platform The medium/long term is to evolve the corporate reporting solution, As soon as requirements grow to adapt the IT integrated systems to those needs. How is accomplish the C-EBS and COREP project according to the regulatory reporting situation? It is handling the project at enough speed to accomplish the goal. The complexity of the ellaboration proccess to collect and report the information required is higher than expected. Simplify the XBRL taxonomy, a real common framework to produce the report once and deliver to any regulators is a goal. Interoperability and performance is desired to facilitate the IT systems integration Questions and Answers to the next COREP/FINREP XBRL

10 Confidential and Proprietary

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