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Herman Fischer, UBMatrix, Inc and Mark V Systems 19 November, 2009.

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1 Herman Fischer, UBMatrix, Inc and Mark V Systems 19 November, 2009

2 Xbrl, past evolution Genesis, etc Xbrl now Technical state Project use state Factors influencing evolution Xbrl, future evolution Revelations, etc?

3 Specifications and Standard Projects Pilot and exploratory Production Experience Bugs & fixes Project improvements Outside factors Other standards Community

4 now 1998 future Charlie Hoffman AICPA 1 st conference, LON 1.0 Spec 20002.0 Spec 2002 2.1 Spec 2003 Dimensions 2005 Formula 2009 ARPA (AU)FDIC (US)US-GAAP (first)SEC (voluntary)SEC (validation) Japan (tax, 2.0) iXBRL, Versioning G.L. W3C XML SQL COREP,FINREPSURFI (FR) Formula modules ? ? MSFTNASDAQ COREP, FINREP

5 Requirements & Working Group Working Grp & Internal Drafts Preliminary Working Draft Candidate Release Test Suite Implementations Recommendation

6 Taxonomy, Xlink-based linkbases Concepts Attributes, labels, references Relationships Presentation, Calculation, Definition Instance documents Facts, Tuples Contexts Periods, entity, segment, scenario Footnotes

7 Explicit dimensions Typed dimensions Hypercubes specifying combinations

8 1 linkbase describes Tables of Line items (facts) Presentation order, roll-forward, total Axes Each axis is a dimension model (Dimension linkbase generated from above) Calculation linkbase still exists (?)

9 9 Assertion oExistence check for source item oValue check based on source items oConsistency check computed item to source item Formula oResults in an fact item oFor an output instance document oFor consistency checking of corresponding input

10 10 Consistency Assertion Reported item matches computed item Assets Ending balance Formula Assets = liabilities + equity Ending balance = starting balance + flows Existence Assertion Total assets is reported Correct entity is reported No fact after cut off date Value Assertion Ratio > minimum Capital adequacy ratio > 8% Interest cover ratio > 2.5% Cash balance is positive

11 iXBRL embeds rendering in instance Instance is html with XBRL embedded XBRL has a Rendering Linkbase Embeds rendering in a taxonomy This activity is dormant XSLT is used for rendering Can utilize XBRL processor Can be taxonomy independent

12 … IASCF 2007 ANNUAL REPORT … 2007 ANNUAL REPORT Statement of comprehensive income 12

13 11,277 13

14 iXBRL embeds rendering Rendering linkbase is tied to taxonomy XSLT separates rendering Requires knowledge of metadata May be two XSLT phases Model and view extraction phase Easier today with XBRL processor support Can be independent of taxonomy (extension, country) Rendering phase 14

15 DTS dimensions, entity & share axes members trees (sparse data rows/columns are elided) 15

16 1) Base URI mapping: namespaces, ELR's actions, categories, assignments, documentation 2) Concept-basic name, namespace, add/delete/split/merge 3) Concept-extended attributes, labels, references 4) Relationships add/delete… attributes 5) Dimensions 6) Resource-parts link:part, formulae, … 16 Needs an aspect based model, so: name, dimensions, period, etc can change into new combinations of name + dims + …

17 XBRL for Dummies (#2) arrived last week Charlie Hoffman, Liv Watson (et al) Strategy Guide to XBRL Where, What, Who, Projects, How to find Geek-free No bible (no Genesis, no Leviticus) Guide to the Soul of XBRL 17

18 What evolves next? Expected tradeoffs Stability Market adoption Changes in underlying standards (XML) Changes in systems and servers Resources

19 19 Linkbases Simplify 1 linkbase (US-GAAP) Xlink QNames UML Models Specs Taxonomies Dimensions Tutorials Technology based Community based Like preparers guides Spec Clean-up 2.1 Spec XML-ize Modularize Dimensions

20 Namespaces change often Local names inconsistent Dimensions can be scary

21 XML Schema has already evolved Modernize our xsd Reduce dependency on XLink Work with W3C and RDF Taxonomies lack semantics models Relational technologies Model for relational efficiency Embed namespace and localnames mapping Vender-interoperable design

22 Include some metadata So ordinary XSLT and tools can render Refactor for no repeated strings Isomorphic transform to/from current instance Hierarchical structural inheritance of shared aspects

23 Evolution of primary items and dimensions Before dimensions many primary items Tens of thousands Reanalysis into few primary items With multiple dimensions Evolution of how to present taxonomy First taxonomies from charts of accounts Now data model designs taxonomy Multiple linkbases -> simplified linkbases Alternate model representations

24 Herm Fischer +1-818-995-7671 +1-818-404-4708 THANK YOU!

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