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How did life begin on Earth ?

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1 How did life begin on Earth ?
The Bible teaches that God created all life on earth. But evolution teaches that life started by a purely natural process. What does the evidence say ?

2 What is Science Science tries to find explanations for things we can observe Scientific method: Observe and gather information Propose a theory (a “good” guess) Devise experiments to test the theory See if result of experiments checks out with theory If not, change theory and try again If so, theory becomes a “law”

3 Example: Here is an example from Mathematics. We observe from 3 different polyhedrons that the #sides + #corners is always equal to the #edges + 2. So we propose the Theorem that “#sides + #corners = #edges + 2”. Then we test the Theorem with bizarre examples. Then to our surprise, we found a strange looking polyhedron that does not satisfy the Theorem. The theory must be changed.

4 Science and the Question of Origin
Science has studied the question “How did life begin on earth” Science has learn a lot about “what living organisms are made of” and “how living organisms work” But science has not found out how life began on earth The present scientific theory (a guess !!!) on how life begin is called “Theory of Evolution” This theory has problems because it cannot explain many observations (in other words: this scientific theory may be wrong) Before we can talk about Evolution, I need to explain what living things are made off...

5 What are living things made off ?
All living organisms (animals, plants) are made of “cells”:

6 What is a cell made off ? Chain of amino-acid molecules
Protein molecules Chain of amino-acid molecules

7 Amino-acids: building blocks of life
20 different amino-acid molecules in cells: Each protein molecule is made of different combinations of amino-acids: Q: How many different protein molecules ? Example protein molecule: Another example:

8 How did life begin according to Evolution
Early earth’s atmosphere contains Hydrogen, Methane, Ammonia, Nitrogen Lightning provided energy to fuse the gases into different Amino-acid molecules Amino-acid molecules collide with one another to for protein molecules Protein molecules collide with one another to form a living cell

9 First stage of life according to evolution
At first, life was very simple and consist of “self replicating molecules” Later, life learn to store genetic information in DNA molecules: single cell organisms And later, single cell organisms developed into simple multi-cell orgasms (Example: coral polyp)

10 How organisms change according to evolution
“DNA” molecules inside a cell store information on how to construct the cell Radiation, chemicals and copy mistakes can change the DNA molecules When the DNA is changed, the cell will be “different” Many random different cells will be created by DNA mutations

11 Later development: adaptation
When more and more living organisms are on earth, they compete for their food The stronger (faster, smarter, etc) animals will have a better chance to survive and reproduce This process of adaptation is called “natural selection”

12 Science: always check the evidence
A scientific theory is only a guess – it can be wrong ! The principle in science is to always check the theory against the evidence The evidence is never wrong If the evidence contradicts a result of the theory, the theory needs to be changed !!! So do we have strong evidence for the Theory of Evolution ?

13 “Making life” according to Evolution
Put Hydrogen, Methane, Ammonia, Nitrogen together Use lightning (electric sparks) to fuse the gases into different Amino-acid molecules Can this be done ???

14 Making Amino-acids: Miller’s experiment
Miller put water, nitrogen, methane, ammonia, hydrogen and carbon dioxide in a flask The mixture was zapped for a week by high voltage sparks Miller was able to make a number of different types of amino-acid molecules Some scientists saw this as “proof” that life began on earth through evolution

15 Evidence for a common ancestor: embryos
According to the “Theory” of Evolution, all life has one single common ancestor Haeckle drew some embryos at different stages of their development in 1874 Haeckle’s drawing shows that embryos from different species look alike at the start of their development Many biology text books claim that this shows that all living things had the same beginning: a common ancestor

16 Evidence for adaptation: Finches
Finches’ beak has been adapted to eat certain food to survive

17 Evidence for adaptation: moths
Lighter-colored moths resting on tree barks can be easily spotted by birds When trees in England got darker due to pollution, population of lighter-colored moths descreased

18 Is Evolution a proven theory ???
So do these evidences provide the proof for the Theory of Evolution ? Some scientists think so... A recent PBS TV series on Evolution claims that: All known scientific evidence support evolution virtually every reputable scientist in the world support evolution School text books on evolution all proclaim that “Evolution is a proven fact” Many people who once believed that God created the world turned away from God after they learned about the Theory of Evolution.

19 Evolution is NOT a proven theory
Immediately after the PBS TV series, 100 scientists (from well-known universities like MIT, Yale, Emory, etc) published a 2 page ad in the news paper “The Weekly Standard”: Public TV programs, education policy statements, and science textbooks have asserted that Theory of Evolution fully explains the complexity of living things. The public has been assured, most recently by spokespersons for PBS's Evolution series, that "all known scientific evidence support evolution" and does "virtually every reputable scientist in the world.” The following scientists DISPUTE the first claim and stand as LIVING TESTIMONY in contradiction to the second.. (followed by the names of these 100 scientists) We look at the controversy of Evolution next

20 What’s wrong with Miller’s experiment
When you do science, you must get the starting condition right; otherwise, the result of the experiment is useless Scientists have discovered that Earth’s early atmosphere did not contain hydrogen, methane and ammonia When Miller’s experiment is repeated, all it produced were very harmful chemicals !

21 Haeckle: a liar and a fraud !
One has to smell fish if biology text books still use a drawing from 1874 In 1997, Richardson took pictures of the real embryos The result according to Richardson: it's turning out to be one of the most famous FAKES in Biology Most biology text books still contain this lie !!!

22 More real embryos Pictures of real embryos clearly show embryos differ
greatly at early stage Embryos does NOT support the theory of one common ancestor

23 More problems: Fossil Record
When some animals died a catastrophic death (e.g., volcano eruption), their bodies are encapsulated in stone/dirt and become a fossil:

24 Fossil Record Fossils are deposited in rock in layers: Recent fossils
The deeper a layer, the older the fossils ! Recent fossils Ancient fossils

25 Fossil record according to Evolution
According to the Theory of Evolution, there is one kind of living organisms in the beginning and animals change slowly over time (billions of years !) So, according to the Theory of Evolution, the number of different kinds of animals (species) grows slowly over a long period of time Time

26 What do we find in the Fossil Record ?
We find the fossils buried in the rock layers this way: Before a certain period (Cambrium layer), there is only fossils from a few species (simple animals) After this period, fossils from all kinds of animals appear within a few million years (very short for evolution) Scientists call this “Cambrium explosion” Time

27 What does the Fossil record tell us ?
The Fossil Record is a strong evidence that the Theory of Evolution is wrong: According the evolution, the fossil record is gradually increasing Actual fossils show an abrupt beginning In fact, the Fossil Record supports creation All the fossils found have well-formed features There are no fossils with “transitional form” (for example, an arm that is changing into a wing) All animals appear within a short time – as if someone designed them all at once !

28 Adaptation: confirmed fact
So far, the evidences supporting the Theory of Evolution have been wrong or worst: lies Amino-acids cannot be formed on earth with the gasses in earth’s early atmosphere Embryos from different animals do not look alike when they are very young The only part of the Theory of Evolution that is supported by strong evidence is adaptation Yes, animals do change to survive

29 The truth about adaptation
Adaptation is not the same thing as evolution: Adaptation is change (shape and color) within one animal specie Changes in finches’ beak does not change the finch into a chicken or turkey !!! Color change in a moth does not change the moth into a butterfly or bee !!! Evidence for adaptation is NOT evidence for evolution !!!

30 Making new animals: the great fly experiment
Starting in 1906, for more than 40 years, Thomas Hunt Morgan, a Columbia University zoologist tried to create a new type of animal from fruit flies Fruit flies were ideal because their eggs hatch in 12 short days Morgan used X-rays on the flies to speed up mutations (changes in cells): ? X-ray

31 Result of the Fruit Fly experiment
Bar eyes Vestigial wings Curled wings Extra wings (immobile) The fruit fly never became anything but a fruit fly Result does NOT support the theory that one kind of animal can change into another kind !

32 Designed or Evolved ? Morse code:
A   B   C   D   E   . F   ..-. Morse code is made up of unique combinations of short and long pulses To send the word “bad” in Morse code: -… “dee dot dot dot” “dot dee” “dee dot dot” Morse code was designed by intelligent life forms (humans) for communication (this was before the telephone was invented)

33 Designed or Evolved ? Genetic CODE ! Most likely designed !!!
Remember that a protein molecule is made up of a number of different amino-acid molecules? Different sequence of amino-acid molecules will make a different protein How does your body know which amino-acid molecule to pick to make the right protein ? Genetic CODE ! Most likely designed !!! Every 3 “base” molecule in DNA identifies one amino-acid molecule in a protein

34 Created or Evolved ? Some things in nature are almost impossible to have been “built” without any intelligent maker Suppose you see the following contraption: Would you believe it came about by itself ?

35 Created or Evolved ? Humans can’t make engines so
E. Coli bacteria are one-cell creatures that have a very ingenious motion mechanism They have a flagellum (wip-like tail) that rotates around like a propeller This “propeller” can turn 20,000 times per second (car engines can’t go faster than 8000) It’s built like an electric engine: Humans can’t make engines so small. Can a machine come about by itself ?

36 Summary The Theory of Evolution is being taught in school text books as true But more and more professors from universities are finding more and more problems with this theory Many evidence that evolutionists used to support the Theory of Evolution were untrue (lies and even frauds !) Animal adaptation (change to survive better) is supported by evidence, but adaptation is not the same as evolution: no new animals are created in adaptation

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