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MRSA: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus VRE: Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus

2 MRSA Resistant to most antibiotics Found in health care facilities
hospitals long term care facilities other care facilities Not a threat to healthy people

3 Why should YOU be concerned about MRSA?
Difficult to contain Easily spread Hard to treat

4 Risk factors for MRSA infection
Surgery Devices used in invasive procedures ICU or burn ward Age Treatment with multiple antibiotics Severe illness or disability Prolonged or repeated hospital stays Compromised immune system

5 How is MRSA spread? Direct contact between health-care workers and clients. Colonized vs. infected persons Health-care workers are the MAIN carriers. NOT usually spread through the air

6 How do I detect an infection of MRSA?
Symptoms: drainage from a wound Fever and chills increased white blood cell count

7 Common sites of infection
Respiratory tract Surgical wounds Perineum or rectum Skin

8 How to stop the spread of MRSA
Proper hand-washing: Before caring for each client After removing gloves Before leaving the client’s room

9 VRE Hard to treat Some forms of VRE pass on their drug-resistant genes!

10 Risk factors for VRE infection
Severe illness Treatment with multiple antibiotics Abdominal or cardiac surgery Devices used in invasive procedures Age ICU Prolonged or repeated hospital stays

11 How does a VRE infection develop?
Opportunistic Bacteria transmitted between clients and healthcare workers colonized vs. infected persons

12 Signs of VRE infection Drainage from a wound Fever and chills
Increased white blood cell count

13 Handwashing prevents spread of VRE
Wash hands before patient care Wash hands after removing gloves Wash hands BEFORE leaving the patient’s room.

14 MRSA AND VRE All healthcare workers play a role in preventing the spread of these nosocomial infections. REMEMBER-WASH YOUR HANDS


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