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The Certified Athletic Trainer Sports Medicine 1.

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1 The Certified Athletic Trainer Sports Medicine 1

2 08/11/03Sports Medicine I2 What is a Certified Athletic Trainer?

3 08/11/03Sports Medicine I3 Sports Medicine Encompasses many different areas… Athletic Training Physical Therapy Biomechanics

4 08/11/03Sports Medicine I4 Sports Medicine More areas… Exercise Physiology Practice of medicine relative to the athlete Sports Nutrition Sports Psychology

5 08/11/03Sports Medicine I5 Professional Organizations Goals… To upgrade the particular field Professional Standards Code of Ethics To bring together professionally competent individuals Exchange ideas Stimulate research Promote critical thinking

6 08/11/03Sports Medicine I6 Professional Organizations Goals… Give individuals an opportunity to work in groups Achieve objectives that cant be achieved individually

7 08/11/03Sports Medicine I7 National Athletic Trainers Association National Athletic Trainers Association (NATA) Founded in 1950 Raised professional standards Developed Code of Ethics Responsible for considerable professional advancement

8 08/11/03Sports Medicine I8 The Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) Qualifications Graduated from a CAAHEP accredited program (Commission on Allied Health Education Programs) Internship Route (No longer available after December 31, 2003 Bachelors Degree 1500 hours of direct supervision Core coursework

9 08/11/03Sports Medicine I9 NATA-BOC Certification Exam All ATCs have passed the certification exam. Exam has three parts Oral Written Written simulation

10 08/11/03Sports Medicine I10 SC Accredited programs College of Charleston University of South Carolina Erskine College Charleston Southern Lander University Winthrop University

11 08/11/03Sports Medicine I11 Internship Coursework Areas of study… Health Human Anatomy and Physiology Kinesiology/Biomechanics Exercise Physiology Basic Athletic Training Advanced Athletic Training

12 08/11/03Sports Medicine I12 Employment Various employment settings… Schools Colleges and Universities Professional Teams School Systems Clinics and Hospitals Industry

13 08/11/03Sports Medicine I13 Roles and Responsibilities Roles and responsibilities of the ATC… Directly responsible for all phases of healthcare NATAs Role delineation study determined several roles and responsibilities

14 08/11/03Sports Medicine I14 Role Delineation Study Athletic injury prevention and risk management Recognition, evaluation, and assessment of injuries Immediate care of injury

15 08/11/03Sports Medicine I15 Role Delineation Study Rehabilitation and reconditioning of athletic injuries Health care organization and administration Professional development and responsibility

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