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Being a Professional ATC Professional Organizations, NATABOC, SC Licensure, CEUs.

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1 Being a Professional ATC Professional Organizations, NATABOC, SC Licensure, CEUs

2 NATA Founded 1950 Almost 30,000 members Based in Dallas Leadership –President (Chuck Kimmel) –Board of Directors

3 NATA Committees 25 NATA Committees Represent major settings and issues Work under the Board of Directors Chairperson NATAs various committees (currently more than 25) have many purposes, but they all share a common goal: to help carry out the work of NATA under the direction of the NATA Board of Directors. Our committees represent the major athletic training practice settings and other constituencies, as well as the major activity areas of the association. Each committee has an NATA member as chairperson. The chairs work with committee members and NATA staff liaisons to accomplish the committees goals. Below is a listing of the Web sites sponsored by these various committees:

4 NATA Dues –$135/year + district + state dues ($43) –Renew by Dec 31 Benefits –NATA Convention –JAT –NATA News –Job Vacancy Placement –Membership Directory –Brochures/Presentations –Professional Liability Insurance Program –Other Member Benefits








12 The athletic training component operates as a federation of districts, which are independent in matters within their territories but at the same time are integrated nationally into the whole, which is NATA. Today, 10 district athletic trainers associations align with the several regional associations. These districts operate independent of NATA, choose their own officers and craft their own agendas and bylaws. The also elect district directors, which constitutes the NATA Board of Directors. Click on the map below to see the state site or click on the list below to visit the district Web site. District Web sites NATA is divided into 10 districts

13 Mid-Atlantic Athletic Trainers Association AKA District 3 May Symposium annually Scholarships Committees

14 South Carolina Athletic Trainers Association 400 members Annual Symposium in July President elected by the membership Committees Scholarships Job Placement Service

15 State Regulation Licensure –Limits others from performing tasks reserved for ATCs Certification –only protects ATCs title Registration –Must register before beginning to practice

16 SC Certification 1984 Governing body: DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) Credential: SCAT NATABOC certification required Must attend 2 /4 DEHEC talks at the SCATA Conference over 2 year period $50 / 2 years Jim Catoe –(803) 545-4204 –

17 National Athletic Trainers Association Board of Certification AKA NATABOC Certifying body for athletic trainers Credential: ATC Created 1969, Independent 1989 Board of Directors Omaha, NE Sets Standards for Professional Practice

18 Continuing Education Units CEUs –Conferences –Specialty Workshops –JAT quiz –Graduate classes related to athletic training –CPR card –Self Study Courses 80 over a 3 year period Approved Provider Complete/send form to BOC Audit

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