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Chapter 1 Sec. 3 Beginnings of Civilization

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1 Chapter 1 Sec. 3 Beginnings of Civilization
Mr. Marsh Columbus North High School

2 Why was a surplus of food so important to creating a civilization?

3 River Valley Civilizations
Cities rose along the river valleys of the Tigris Euphrates Middle East Nile Egypt Indus India Yellow or (Huang He) China

4 The area of Egypt and Mesopotamia is referred to as the ________?
Fertile Moon Fertile Crescent Fertile Sun Fertile Mertile [Default] [MC Any] [MC All]


6 Features of Civilizations
Eight Basic Features of a Civilization Cities Well-organized central governments Complex religions Job specialization Social classes Arts and architecture Public works writing

7 Rise of Cities Rise of cities were the main feature of a Civilization.
Civilization-is a complex, highly organized social order First cities developed after farmers cultivated lands along river and produced a surplus of food.

8 Organized Governments
Early Governments were lead by warrior kings Rulers used heredity to ensure there families place. Rulers claimed the were placed there by god Early Chinese Kings took the title “Son of Heaven” Governments became more complex with time and size

9 Complex Religions Most ancient People were Polytheistic
Polytheistic-believed in many gods Monotheistic- Believe in one god Believed that the gods controlled water, fire, sun and human activities To ensure divine help, people built temples, and carried out sacrifices of food animals and humans.

10 Job Specialization As people moved into cities no longer did they build everything they needed. People relied on each other, people developed skills Metal working Pottery Weaver Wood Worker Etc…

11 What did we notice about the quality of craftsman's work in a civilization? And why?

12 Social Classes The Development of societies brought along the development of social classes

13 Why do we use a pyramid to show social classes?

14 Arts and Architecture

15 Public Works Irrigation Systems Roads Bridges Walls Etc…

16 Pictograms are a type of writing?
True False

17 Writing A new skill found in civilizations
Theory is it began in temples in order to record amounts of grain collected Earliest forms of writing were Pictograms Pictograms- simple drawings that looked like the object they represented

18 Spread of Civilizations
As cities grew they brought civilization to new areas. City-States: a political unit which includes a city and the surrounding farm lands, etc… First Empires grew from competition and war Wars between city states developed the first empires Nomadic Interaction The first cities were spread all over and needed to work with nomadic tribes for trading. Nomadic tribes are only considered non-civilized because of the lack of the eight basic features

19 Civilizations and Change
Many things can cause civilizations to change Environmental Changes Floods Droughts Volcanoes Over us of natural resources Interaction Among People Cultural Diffusion Warfare

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