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Writing for Emotional Impact

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1 Writing for Emotional Impact
Karl Iglesias

2 What makes a movie/script work?
Desired emotional response Feel power of screenplay Create intended emotion or image in reader’s head Concept, setting, characters, plot, dialogue, character arc High Concept - something unique that is appealing Hollywood trades in human emotion Heart over mind

3 Screenplay Readers look for
Fresh characters Unique settings/behind the scenes Something we know in a way that moves us Refreshing

4 Four Emotional Needs Need for New Information Bond with Main Character
Connect, relate Conflict resolution Completion/Closure Questions answered Entertainment/Emotional Impact

5 Three Types of Storytelling Emotions
Voyeuristic Curiosity about new information Vicarious Feeling emotions of character Visceral What reader/audience feel from story Entertainment = experiencing visceral emotions

6 Screenwriter’s Process
Planning Writing Rewriting

7 Planning Concept Theme Character Story Structure Scenes

8 Planning - Concept Idea – fresh, appealing, provocative Hook you emotionally Uniquely familiar Promise of conflict

9 Planning - Theme Reveals human condition Entertains and teaches
Exploration Should resonate throughout The more meaningful the theme, the deeper the emotions

10 Planning - Character Attach talent to project
Sell scripts because studios want roles for stars Emotional connection with main character

11 Planning - Story Character wants something and someone/something opposes him/her Conflict. Dramatic action. Goal > Obstacle. Unwillingness to compromise. Focus on elements that cause visceral emotions. Interest, curiosity (what happens next), anticipation, suspense, tension, surprise

12 Planning - Structure Beginning, middle and end
Boil essence of story into 3 acts Setup – Conflict - Resolution

13 Planning - Scenes Mini-story Conflict or promise of conflict
Somebody wants something badly and is having difficulty getting it Should be constructed in terms of its effects on readers Description and dialogue

14 Writing - Description Ability to totally immerse us in the experience
Command attention on page Create motion – scenes seem like they move on the page Riveting reading experience

15 Writing - Dialogue Reveal character
Reflect speaker’s mood and emotions Reveal or hide speaker’s motivation Advance the action, carry information Foreshadow what’s to come Have emotional impact Great Dialogue Emotional impact Individuality Subtle exposition Subtext Do not create false emotions Focus on true emotions and wounds Read great scripts Analyze writing that moves you

16 Rewrite Edit, edit, edit

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