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Story as Transformation Process ~ Emergence ~

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1 Essential Components of Stories Jason Ohler Seven Elements Digital Storytelling Cookbook

2 Story as Transformation Process ~ Emergence ~
Beginning (call to adventure) Problem (tension) Central Challenge (question, problem, obstacle, opportunity, goal) Changes (conflict, transformation) Response to conflict is often the transformation the character must undergo to address the problem Solution (resolution) Addressing the challenge & resolving the tension End (closure, learning)

3 Call to Adventure Normal life is interrupted by a significant event, initiating a physical, emotional, intellectual, or spiritual journey for the main character

4 Problem-Solution Involving Transformation
Characters encounter problems that are solved through a personal transformation of some kind. Transformation can happen in a number of ways, including skill acquisition, maturation, learning, and self-discovery.

5 Closure The story comes to a meaningful conclusion, not necessarily through a happy ending. Often, closure involves the main character’s realization of something significant, a moral, or evidence that something or someone has changed.

6 Seven Elements Digital Storytelling Cookbook
The Point Dramatic Question Emotional Content The Gift of Your Voice The Power of Soundtrack Economy Pacing

7 1. The Point Addressing the issue of defining the specific realization you, as an author, are trying to communicate within your story Central Premise Transformative Realization Reason for Telling This Story

8 2. Dramatic Question Tension Romance – will the girl get the guy?
Desire – Action – Realization Conflict between our desires being met and the desires of others Romance – will the girl get the guy? Adventure – will the hero reach the goal? Crime or Mystery – who did it? Manipulating expectations is what entertains us. Will the girl find happiness? (real question) Twist the expectation

9 3. Emotional Content A truthful approach to emotional material
Death or sense of loss Love and loneliness Confidence and vulnerability Acceptance and rejection Resurrection Tales Love must be lost to feel satisfaction of hope Protagonist destroyed so others (we) can understand the character flaw Hero on very edge of extinction before victory or goal of quest is achieved

10 4. The Gift of Your Voice We listen to different forms of speech differently Conversation – to affirm or respond Speech – applause line Lecture – major points Story – rhythmic pattern invoking associative memories Voiceover Reading vs reciting the script Keep writing terse Speak slowly in conversational style Digitally construct the story from an interview

11 5. The Power of the Soundtrack
We create personal soundtracks on our MP3 players Music adds an emotional aspect to the story Instrumental music often works best under voice overs Consider copyright issues Use self-composed music created on programs such as Garage Band

12 6. Economy Sequential composition repurposing existing images (and perhaps video) Consciously economize language as juxtaposed with a small number of images Use of symbolism and metaphor for implicit meaning

13 7. Pacing Rhythm sustains audience interest Fast-paced Slow-paced
Urgency, action, nervousness, exasperation and excitement Slow-paced Contemplation, romanticism, relaxation or simple pleasures Changing the pace of the music or narrative can be very effective Maintain the vitality Good stories breathe

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