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Technology Leadership Debra Austin, PhD, JD.

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1 Technology Leadership Debra Austin, PhD, JD

2 Partner Interviews Family/Pets Education –Background –Program Professional Background/Work Experience Professional Goals Technology Concerns Favorite Activities Why This Class

3 Technology Leaders 2005 techLEARNING Leadership, Creativity, and Vision Stephen Hefner, Superintendent –Columbia, South Carolina Tom McMahon, High School English Teacher –Springfield, Pennsylvania Katie Morrow, 5 th Grade Teacher –ONeill, Nebraska Linda Harden, Curriculum Director –Ketchikan, Alaska

4 Stephen Hefner Superintendent Richland School District Two Columbia, S.C. Asked school board for $10 million for technology transformation Technology Mentors Program Administrative Leadership Academy

5 Provides innovative tech tools along with extensive training so educators can utilize them to their potential Integrating Technology to Enrich Curriculum Model Classrooms

6 Results 21,000 students and more than half are minorities Second highest percentage of students in the state taking the SAT this year Students scored above state average on the following tests –SAT –Advanced Placement –Palmetto Achievement Challenge

7 Tom McMahon English Teacher Springfield, PA Robust Class Website Communicates with Students and Parents on Weekly Basis Interacts with students several times a week using instant messaging

8 Hosts online writers club Digital story telling Encourages his former students to send their college papers so they can discuss them and he can track what is expected in college in order to modify his writing curriculum

9 After Katrina, McMahon realized that students in the area would not be able to prepare for the SATs He put his online SAT prep course online and made it available to students in Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi

10 Katie Morrow 5 th Grade Teacher ONeill, Nebraska Morrow introduces the main curriculum ideas on an interactive whiteboard Students practice and apply what they have learned using technology tools Robust Class Webpage

11 Eagle Eye News Once a month Morrows students produce a news show broadcast throughout school and on a local cable channel Her online inventory helps them decide what role to play

12 Awards Nebraska Educational Technology Association Technology Teacher of the Year Selected for SMARTer Kids Foundation Connection project Students have received numerous Digies (Apple) and Sketchies (Palm) awards

13 Linda Harden Curriculum Director Ketchikan, Alaska Located in rural southeastern part of state and quite isolated Initiated the local technology program 9 years ago Schools are all wired and every classroom has Internet

14 Curriculum Relevant to Culture Comprehensive staff development Technology is utilized in usual curriculum, but also in marine navigation and oceanography Focus on early language development Hardin assists a 5 th grade teacher in producing a weekly email newsletter to parents.

15 Malcolm Gladwell Blink Tipping Point New Yorker

16 Blink Thin Slicing – make rapid judgment with very thin slice of data. He argues that these kinds of decisions may be as valid as those that take a great deal of time and consideration

17 Tipping Point Book deals with change Big changes can occur as the result of small events Ideas and behavior become epidemic Gladwell hopes the book provides help for people who want to start positive epidemics of their own

18 Learning Change the environment or context and people change the way they act. Understanding the differences between learners will shape the way education is structured in the future. Technology empowers & fosters the expectation of interactivity Unexpected idea

19 Keeping Current K-12 Resources –techLEARNINGtechLEARNING –eSchool NewseSchool News –THE JournalTHE Journal THE Focus EduHound Higher Education –CIT InfobitsCIT Infobits –Campus TechnologyCampus Technology –EDUCAUSEEDUCAUSE Corporate Training –Learning TRENDS - The Masie CenterLearning TRENDS

20 Your Career Chronicle Careers –Browse by State/Region –Run Search –Set up search agent Community of Science –COS Workbench COS Profile –Register for free

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