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Blended Learning Seminar Debra - What program are you in? Why are you taking this seminar? (Data for COE re.

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1 Blended Learning Seminar Email Debra - What program are you in? Why are you taking this seminar? (Data for COE re 1 credit courses) Your preferred email address

2 Constructivist Learning Authentic, complex, real-world performance Facilitate process of student inquiry Develop greater domain expertise, problem solving, and transfer of learning Immersion into community of practice Make visible how experts view, interpret, and act

3 Interaction Promotes Negotiation, Clarification, & Feedback Communication: share information & opinions Participation: discussions, leadership in cohorts Elaboration: conceptual hooks, explanations, examples Learner Self-Regulation: manage depth of study, range of content, & time management

4 Interaction Promotes Motivation: curiosity, creativity, and higher- order thinking associated with authentic learning tasks Team Building: effective listening, shared responsibility, acceptance of individual differences Discovery & Exploration: cross-fertilization when sharing ideas and perspectives in pursuit of defining new constructs & concepts and the scope, depth, and breadth of a new idea

5 Convergence of Digital and Mobile Technologies Interactive Learning Enhanced by –Extensive Wireless Networks –Web Conferencing, Digital TV, Streaming Audio and Video –Notebooks, Tablets, Palms, Pocket PCs, IPods, and Cell Phones –Modular content objects for personalizing, customizing, and enriching learning as defined by the learner

6 Blended Learning Trends Dr. Curt Bonk –Professor of Educational Psychology as well as Instructional Systems Technology at Indiana University. Bonks Castle of Learning –

7 Trend 1 Course Management Systems Commercial –BlackBoard –WebCT Free –Sakai Project –Moodle

8 Trend 2 – Wireless Technology Indiana, Purdue, and Ball State (leaders in wireless) Trend 3 – Mobile Technology Japan, Taipei, Korea (highest level of bandwidth)

9 Trend 4 Reusable Content Objects Resources that can be used to provide a learning experience (web sites, lessons, video clips, images, audio file, people) Reusable, shareable, repurpose, cost effective Merlot - sharing objects or web links

10 Trend 5 - Blogging For instructors –Professional practice –Networking and knowledge sharing –Stephens Web - Stephen Downes Reads and summarizes a lot of information on ed tech For students –Reflection or journals –Dialogue with peers –Group work –Communicate with instructor –Share ideas and get quick feedback

11 Trend 6 – Electronic Books Instructor annotations and reader annotations Thinner and better displays will probably help this movement Wikibooks –Community developed book –History or time log of the process –Peer reviewed and evaluated web site –What I Know Is – WIKI – Hawaiian term for quick –Mediawiki or tikiwiki or pbwiki

12 Trend 7 - Podcasting Education –Coursecasting Lectures on Stanfords or Purdues websites –Textbooks –Student Projects and Oral Reports –Language Lessons –K-12 Classroom Interactions Cultural –Adam Curry – Daily Source Code (formerly of MTV) –Audiobooks –Interviews –I-Tunes –Podcast Alley –

13 Trend 8 – Virtual Worlds or Virtual Reality MMOG - Massively Multiplayer Online Gaming Trend 9 – Collaborative Tools Sharepoint –video conferencing –Free with XP –Document sharing Groove Google Groups Yahoo Groups MSN Groups Smart Groups

14 Trend 10 – Open Courseware MIT, Tufts, Utah State, and Johns Hopkins putting courses up for free Oops project – opensource opencourseware prototype system - translate courses in English to Chinese Trend 11 – Social Networking Web 2.0 MySpace Facebook Cyworld Drupal Windows Live Spaces

15 Trend 12 Synchronous Conferencing Corporate Training Webinars –Illuminate –Sentra –Webx Tool for Higher Education –Breeze – Macromedia –Illuminate Light –Learning Journeys –Learning Times Indiana –webinars synched to PowerPoints archived at the website Central Florida University –best university for teaching faculty to teach online

16 Debras Tips Model Life-Long Learning Habits Pursue Professional Development in Technology Develop your curriculum bit by bit over time to include more technology- enhanced projects each year Make a web page to organize your online resources for students

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